Woofathon today/tonight

I'm posting from the Perenjori Telecentre, basically just been speed-reading everything and downloading lots of stuff, due to the fact I have to pay for access here.

Today/tonight I shall have an intensive session, working on various things, and most likely Woof alpha6 will be uploaded tomorrow night -- when I expect to have fast access in Perth.

Posted on 28 Apr 2009, 11:17


Posted on 28 Apr 2009, 11:48 by dogone
Thanks for the "stuff"
Just a word of thanks for all the juicey details. I'm learning as you go. It's fascinating stuff!

Posted on 28 Apr 2009, 16:06 by lobster
instant pet
Some useful? (not tested yet) src to pet and sfs files just posted by technosaurus may be of interest

Posted on 28 Apr 2009, 24:16 by c0x
How to create iso?
Hi i downloaded "puppy-unleashed-core-4.1.2.tar.gz" but i do not know how to create an iso image?

Posted on 29 Apr 2009, 16:31 by BarryK
That's what online docs are for:


Posted on 29 Apr 2009, 19:42 by c0x
How to create iso?
I already read it efore i post but download page doesn't work. http://puppylinux.com/development/download/downpage.htm


Oops! Looks like the page you're looking for was moved or never existed.
Make sure you typed the correct URL or followed a valid link.

Posted on 29 Apr 2009, 22:23 by BarryK
Re: download link
Sorry, the link was wrong. That page hasn't been update in a very long time. I'll upload the fixed page soon.

Here is the correct link:


Posted on 30 Apr 2009, 4:42 by c0x
How to create iso?
It's harder to create an .iso image than i tohught.
Maybe due to english is not my native language, i really couldn't understood how to convert .gz to .iso. And i can not download .iso image because my internet has a quota. :\

Posted on 30 Apr 2009, 8:08 by BarryK
Re: iso
Ah, okay. Unleashed is really a developers tool for building a live-CD. It is not the way to go if you have limited Linux knowledge and/or English reading skill.

You have to either download the iso or buy a CD. There are vendors selling Puppy CDs for only a few dollars -- look at distrowatch.com for links to vendors.

Posted on 30 Apr 2009, 17:21 by c0x
I see, btw. thank you for this useful distro @BarryK :.