Jaunty Puppy alpha6

This is a snapshot of the progress of "Jaunty Puppy", also known as "Upuptu" (phonetically "oo-pup-too") or just "Upup". Well, the series can be known as Upuptu/Upup, and Jaunty Puppy is the name for the first release -- later releases of Upup may be based on later versions of Ubuntu -- the next one will be "Karmic Koala", so our Upup will be "Karmic Puppy".

I have not uploaded the Woof build system.

URL: http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/puppylinux/test/woof-alpha6/

This is the build that I intend to announce as the "99MB replacement for Ubuntu". It currently weighs in at 100.2MB and I intend to trim that down to 99.4MB so that I can claim that magic "99MB" figure. The kernel is

upup-466.iso has a slightly cutdown selection of kernel modules, well, over 12MB of them (including firmware), and the remainder are in a separate "zdrv" SFS file, zu466291.sfs. The vast majority of users will be happy with the selection built-in to the live-CD.

This is for people with true-SCSI drives. This build should be capable of booting off a SCSI drive. Size is 101.3MB.

Built with the full compliment of kernel modules on the live-CD. I have actually built with most of the kernel modules in a separate 'zdrv' SFS, zu466291.sfs, but it is included on the live-CD. A separate 'zdrv' gives a slight speedup in boot speed, also it never loads into RAM thus freeing up almost 19MB of RAM -- that's not really an issue on PCs with 256MB or less RAM anyway, as the main SFS file upup-466.sfs does not load into RAM. Size: 106.3MB

This is the SFS file that turns Puppy into a C/C++/Vala/Genie progamming environment. Size: 92.6MB.

Well, it is still an alpha.

ROX-Filer: we need to solve the mime problem, text files displaying as sprocket icons.
Multimedia: not so good. I never did get Mplayer to play DVDs with a menu (which is most of them). Xine-lib does not play nicely with external ffmpeg anymore.

I may go back to the full SeaMonkey suite, with mail and news builtin.
May be forced to choose best of a bad bunch, xine-lib with inbuilt ffmpeg, and gxine player.
I might do one more alpha, then do a beta -- and break from tradition and announce the beta on Distrowatch (as other distros do).
The next build (alpha7) will probably have the kernel. And will probably stick with that. If anyone knows of an extra 3rd party module that should be included, let me know (with link).

I will upload a snapshot of the Woof build system for alpha7. Right now, there's something I want to fix in it.

Posted on 1 May 2009, 13:59


Posted on 1 May 2009, 16:13 by ttuuxxx
"I may go back to the full SeaMonkey suite, with mail and news builtin. "
Can you please use monkey menus with the home button enabled and maybe the theme from 4.2? I put it together to replace the default theme, everybody likes it due to it looks a lot like FireFox. It was located in /usr/lib/seamonkey2-1.1.15/chrome/classic

Posted on 1 May 2009, 17:25 by lobster
Jaunty report
Not yet sure if reports go to bugs, latest development, cutting edge etc on the forum, so posting here from 'Jaunty full drivers'
That may be a job for our new council leader aka WhoDo

The display when choosing my default at least goes into something and I now know how to adjust. Tried the old nvidia drivers - no luck. Tried some of the package manager nvidia files but none looked right and did not work anyways. be interested if others get 3D support working . . .

Puptv worked with gxine not mplayer (known issue) and full screen I was able to watch superman cartoon, BBC news etc . . . very block - need that nvidia driver

Played about with poodle tricks - icons, wallpaper etc - the classic Puppy colour icons gone? - they were the best ever . . . rest worked OK

OpenOffice and xaralx sfs did not work but I have your upup-dev-486.sfs working with Valide - look forward to pretending I can program in Genie . . .

Not great sound BUT I was able to get mheditwave to record - bit muffled - could be settings

Looking good

Posted on 1 May 2009, 19:17 by Terryphi
Firefox error
Upup-466.iso does not play with latest firefox and produces error:
/usr/lib/firefox/firefox-bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/dbus-glib-1.so.2: undefined symbol: dbus_watch_get_unix_fd

I haven't tried upup-466-FULL_DRIVERS.iso

Posted on 1 May 2009, 19:34 by BarryK
Re: firefox
Looks like Firefox will have to be compiled from source to work in Puppy5. See my latest blog post. Anyone who wants to do this, it can be made available as an official package on ibiblio. Ttuuxx?

Posted on 1 May 2009, 20:10 by Terryphi
Osmo error
Osmo also produces error similar to above Firefox error.

osmo: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/dbus-glib-1.so.2: undefined symbol: dbus_watch_get_unix_fd

Upup466 replaces libdbus-glib-1.so.2.1.0 but re-installing the earlier version fixed the problem for me.

Posted on 1 May 2009, 20:11 by ttuuxxx
JWM strange number system
Okay Barry I'll do the firefox pet I'm interested if it will run as well as in Dpup, It ran perfect from the debian repo for the first time on puppy since Firefox 1.5, even Firefox 2.0 had issues when you released it way back in 2 series and seamed to get slower and slower with each firefox upgrade, in Dpup 3 series is great. I'll download Jpup and the compiler and switch over for this build, if it doesn't play nice, I'll be back with Dpup Asap. Fingers crossed

Posted on 1 May 2009, 23:30 by floborg
I'd advise not using Upuptu as a codename. Since the second syllable in Ubuntu is pronounced with a long "u," Upuptu might end up getting pronounced as "oooh-poop-too."

Posted on 1 May 2009, 23:55 by Martin
Still no samba shares
I haven't been able to test much but Pnethood does not find any shares on my networs (it does find the computers).

I know, I know, I should ditch XP but I'd really like to get it running.


Posted on 2 May 2009, 3:41 by mikepuppy
Module rt2860 missing
I have tried upup-466 (and previously 463) on my EeePC901 and cannot get connected with WiFi. The reason is that there is no rt2860 module as far as I can tell (as in Puppy 411/412/420). How do I get this loaded? I have tried loading it but it not listed anywhere.

Posted on 2 May 2009, 4:12 by mikepuppy
But rt2860 is in ppup-413
WiFi on my EeePC901 with ppup-413 works perfectly. Network Wizard did its job perfectly. So why is rt2860 missing in upup-466?

Posted on 2 May 2009, 5:40 by ttuuxxx
Firefox Hey Barry
Hi Barry I tried twice to compile Firefox and I had the same errors, I'll try again in the morning with a more basic configure script
this was the errors

*** buffer overflow detected ***: ./firefox-bin terminated
======= Backtrace: =========

Posted on 2 May 2009, 8:49 by BarryK
rt2860, firefox
I think that the open-source driver, rt2x00usb, is supposed to work. Anyway, I have downloaded the source from here:


and I'll put the extra drivers and firmware in alpha7.

Note for anyone who would like to compile and contribute drivers for Puppy5, I intend to recompile the kernel soon, probably version, for alpha7, and hopefully that will be the one we use for a long time. So, kindly wait for alpha7.

Posted on 2 May 2009, 8:58 by BarryK
try with dbus and hal disabled in the configure.

Regarding putting Firefox on ibiblio pet_packages-5 repo, maybe I'll do the that. To show how it's done. So, if/when you get it compiled and working, email it to me, along with your best-shot at creating a database entry.

Posted on 2 May 2009, 9:13 by BarryK
Alpha6 feedback
tronkel has started a forum thread for bug reports on alpha6:


Posted on 2 May 2009, 15:10 by mikepuppy
"I think that the open-source driver, rt2x00usb, is supposed to work."

rt2860 works with the pci card not USB so maybe rt2x00usb is no good?

Posted on 3 May 2009, 3:29 by peterw
Pmount upup-466-FULL_DRIVERS
I have followed Barry's Blog for sometime now and am gradually learning more and more. It is very interesting and educational.

I am not sure if this is the right place to make them.Anyhow, there are three comments I want to say.

1. When I tried the programme on a Ascer Aspire and on a desktop PC the icons for the drives were missing and going onto Pmount and trying to mount the drives did not work - when I pressed on mount the drive mounter icon disappeared and the drives did not mount. It worked in previous alpha versions.

2. The desktop looks excellent for me. However, I know that the younger generation like bling. I installed Puppy on a lot of school PCs and it did not gain acceptance until I changed it to MacPup and then the students saw it was different than Microsoft Windows and thought it was a MAC. They then were happy with it. Puppy 4.2 looks good and is popular as is demonstrated by it position in Distrowatch. I suppose I am asking for consideration of a slighly "blinged" version to make it more acceptable and popular for the younger generation.

3. In Ubuntu it is easy to add another Ubuntu resource. I don't have much expertise and have tried copy and hack the files in upup to no avail. Where do you find the info to make it work. I was trying to add the Activinspire repository. Is there any guide as to how this is done? Where does one get the info for this or is it in the hands of Barry.


Posted on 3 May 2009, 8:14 by BarryK
re: osmo
osmo: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/dbus-glib-1.so.2: undefined symbol: dbus_watch_get_unix_fd

I justed, Osmo works fine. Are you using a different Osmo than that builtin to alpha6?

Posted on 3 May 2009, 19:30 by ttuuxxx
PNG/APNG location
location of the Apng/png Library and soon others :)


Posted on 4 May 2009, 5:30 by 8-bit
alsa sound
I have been using Jaunty Pup and I may have found something on the sound problems.
I opened /usr/share/alsa and there is an entry there that states one must run a macro from terminal to have default sound settings saved.
Problem is I don't know where to look for that macro.

Posted on 4 May 2009, 5:50 by 8-bit
alsa sound update
I investigated further and found that there should be a file in /etc alsasound.confg. It is not there.
There is a file called alsasound.state that I opened as text and it seems to show pcspeaker volume set to zero?
I am not a programmer, but it seems there are some new features in the new version of ALSA that are not being accounted for.

Posted on 11 May 2009, 8:07 by ttuuxxx
Hi BArry I've been compiling a lot of packages on Jpup, and I've noticed lately a common missing lib, libnotify, It compiles fine, its only 46kb extracted for the release including the bin file:)
I don't know if this should be in as default or not, just figured I would give you a heads up on it. below is the latest sources.

Posted on 11 May 2009, 8:08 by BarryK
re: libnotify
libnotify is in Upup.

/usr/lib/libnotify.so, libnotify.so.1, libnotify.so.1.3.