"Country setup" speedup

Those who have tested alpha6 and earlier will know that on the first boot there is a message "Please wait..." and a significant delay before the "Country setup" dialog appears to ask you to choose a locale.

I think someone reported a 50 second wait on an old PC. I have improved this, but there is still a bit of a delay -- on my 400MHz Ntavo thinstation I am now getting 15 seconds. The reason that there is sill some delay is because the en_US and en_US.utf8 locale files are generated before the dialog window appears. On my 1.5GHz laptop, the delay is a second or two.

Note, I have removed the dialog that asks for mouse type. It isn't necessary. The only time that a manual choice is required is for a serial mouse, and the opportunity for doing that is when the Xorg Wizard is run.

Posted on 10 May 2009, 20:23


Posted on 11 May 2009, 22:56 by floborg
mouse type dialog
Well, then ignore my request for a boot option to skip the mouse select dialog. It would still be nice, though, to have a boot option that skips past the Xorg/Xvesa dialog. The video equivalent of pkeys=xx. Also, an option to skip the locale selection for woof would help cut boot times down.