Crappy CD-Rs

Are we entering a new age of crappy CD-Rs?

A few weeks ago an electronic consumer goods shop advertised two 50-pack CD-Rs for $5 total. I bought two, the sticker on each had a regular price of $14.95. Why would any retailer mark CD-Rs down that much?
Well, every second one was unreadable, that's why. I should really publish the brandname and the retailer name. I tested on 3 or 4 PCs.

I had run out of CDs so on Saturday I went to PLE, a local cut-price computer parts retailer. They have their own 'PLE' brand of CD-Rs, that I have bought many times in the past, with 100% satisfaction. I bought two 100-packs at $21.00 each. One thing I noticed, a slighty different physical appearance to previous PLE CDs.

I popped in a CD-R and ran my 'burniso2cd' program, and the CD burner drive went crazy. Horrible grinding noises. I wasn't able to stop it, had to press the reset button on the PC.

The 2nd CD worked (only complained a little bit), the 3rd once again horrible noises and I had to reset the computer.

I returned one pack to PLE as it had its seal intact. The other pack, well, I guess I'm stuck with those.

Hmmm, dust on the laser lense maybe? Nup, looks fine. I use this drive every day without trouble.

So, today I went to Kmart, bought a 100-pack of brandname CD-Rs, Verbatim "Silver inkjet printable", clearance price $22.95.

I tried the first one, works perfectly. Verified the burn, okay. Second one, perfect again. Not even the slightest hint of complaint from the drive. Third one, perfect again, fourth perfect -- well, you get the picture!

Guess what, I'm going back to Kmart this afternoon and buy up the remaining stock of those Verbatim CD-Rs.

Posted on 11 May 2009, 10:55


Posted on 11 May 2009, 13:21 by linuxcbon
I am studying minix.
I think it is better than linux.
Do you think you could use it instead ?
I guess they dont have drivers for all kinds of HWs like linux has...

Posted on 11 May 2009, 15:06 by capoverde
Rewritable MiniCDs
Last week I bought two rewritable Mini-CDs at a local Chinese shop (they're mainly selling oriental food, and the MiniCDs are branded "Banana"..!). I was quite skeptical about their quality, but I had never found MiniCDs-RW anywhere 'round here and the price was low, so I gave 'em a run.

Well, Puppy 4.2.1 boots perfectly from one of those things, which formerly had Puppy 4.2SMP going fine and has already been erased and rewritten once; Upup Alpha6 boots OK from the other.

BTW, the written area is uncommonly visible -- it's often hard to spot on most standard CD-RWs.

Today I'll get some more "Banana"s if possible...

Posted on 11 May 2009, 15:31 by paulh
barry -- always buy cd's marked "made in japan" if you can find them; these are usually manufactured by tayo yuden and are really excellent quality.
your verbatims may be these -- when i find verbatim !made in japan" i buy up stock of them!

Posted on 11 May 2009, 18:22 by BarryK
Re: Verbatim
I sent an email to PLE, this is their reply:

We currently sell copius amounts of the mentioned PLE CD-R Media without any issues. If you have had issues with it, I would suggest a higher quality media such as TDK or Verbatim which use a higher quality dye, usually resulting in less failures and a better quality burn.

If the Media is deemed as a manufacturer defect, then you may return them with the receipt for a store credit.

I guess that those CD-Rs probably just have a problem with my drive. Perhaps a mismatch of laser frequency and CD dye? But, my Acer laptop drive is a pretty common one, so others would also be affected.

I did buy some more of those Verbatim CDs!

No, not made in Japan, made in Taiwan. Verbatim is owned by Mitsubishi, a Japanese company. I reckon if they are being made in Taiwan it would be because of lower labour costs, but would be to Verbatim standards.

Posted on 11 May 2009, 21:09 by happypuppy
Verbatim CD-RW
If you can find some of those "Pastel" Verbatim discs,buy them immediately :)

They're the highest quality discs ever made.

Posted on 11 May 2009, 23:00 by dogone
Quality lost
Sadly, market forces drive most everything. The more often people buy cheap, low-quality media, the more places it will be available - at the expense or better quality stuff. If we want better quality media, we have to support by voting with our dollars. People could put those crappy CD-R makers out-of-business in two quarters if everyone put their mind to it.

Posted on 12 May 2009, 13:40 by disciple
Rubbish CDRs have always been a problem. The pink (Transonic?) ones people in NZ used to buy from the Warehouse or Kmart or somewhere were a lot worse than your problem... they always worked fine, but the reflectors all peeled off or corroded in a couple of years - well before one would have anticipated.