Kernel source

I have uploaded the patched source plus 3rd party drivers:

This kernel will be used in Jaunty Puppy alpha7, but as I stated in a recent post, it looks like I will have to do one more compile, of (or later).

Ravenscrest has requested the 'gspca_sonixj' module, in v4l-dvb/gspca. I notice there is already a 'gspca_main' module in that I have compiled for alpha7.

Anyone else wants to make a request, there's one more chance. When I do the next kernel compile, that will be it for a long time.
Don't ask for the 2.6.30 kernel, nor for tickless/SMP. I will be configuring it with ticks and single-processor. However, I will do an alternative compile before the 5.0 final, with tickless/SMP.

Posted on 11 May 2009, 21:51


Posted on 11 May 2009, 24:34 by dogone
This just in from a conservative Mac using ex-programmer friend who's mum (over 70) has been using XP:

"Mom is up with Puppy Linux and loving it! She can't believe the difference in usability!

I'm just starting to get familiar with everything myself but boy, oh, boy this stuff is sweet! ;-)

Thanks a million - you've opened my eyes!!!"

All I can add to that is, Go Puppy! Go Woof! Go Team!

Posted on 11 May 2009, 24:39 by DrOwl
Is thisa the right place to ask...
can we have modules for EEEPC's hardware

one i can remember right now is the madwifi ones for wifi.
There are a few others that are missing too, there is lots of info about them on the debian wiki

(on a side note some of the puppy dialog boxes have big issues with the small screen size on the eeepc )

Posted on 12 May 2009, 4:31 by puppymike
WiFi Modules
Unfortunately I've had no joy testing upup-466-frugal (or upup-463 or dpup-014) on my two test machines because I cannot get suitable WiFi modules to work. One machine is an Acer Aspire 5100 and the other is an Asus EeePC901. On both machines I have got ppup-413 working ok (and of course the normal unleashed 4.x.x series). On the Acer I need ath_pci (which is in the preferred list in Bootmanager over ath5k) but is no where to be found in the Network Wizard load modules list so the preferred list in Bootmanager is not of any use in this case. On the Eee no WiFi interface of any kind is found just eth0. It should find ra0 which uses rt2860 but again no sign of this in the Network Wizard Load module list.

So my plea is to add these modules. Hope I am making sense (and nor missed something obvious) as I am on a steep learning curve with Linux etc. Rgds and thanks for Puppy , Mike
(nb have reported some of this on the forum as well in the last week or two)

Posted on 12 May 2009, 7:07 by helander
Preempt option
I very much would appreciate if the kernel had the following settings


Kind Regards


Posted on 12 May 2009, 8:10 by happypuppy
Re:Preempt option
Puppy needs 3 different kernels:

Standard kernel for low-end PCs: no SMP, ticks enabled

SMP kernel for new PCs: SMP, tickless

Multimedia kernel: SMP, ticks enabled, CONFIG_PREEMPT, CONFIG_HZ=1000

Posted on 12 May 2009, 8:24 by BarryK
Re: kernel
No, you won't be getting 1000Hz, it isn't good for slower CPUs. I have to create general-purpose kernels, and I will only do two, the ticks/uniprocessor one and later a fairly generic tickless/smp.

The compile for alpha7 has the rt2860 and rt2870 drivers.

I don't recall the details on ath_pci, will have to check it it. It may be that ath5k was considered too immature at the time, but that could now have changed.

Posted on 12 May 2009, 8:37 by BarryK
Re: 1000Hz
Of course, you could argue that the tickless/smp compile that I do would be for fast multi-core cpus so should handle 1000Hz ...not sure. I don't think Slackware uses 1000Hz either, for any of their kernel flavours. At the time I considered it, I did read about the issues and decided against it, but can't recall the details now.

Posted on 12 May 2009, 8:03 by BarryK
Jesse's email
Does anyone have Jesse's email address? I sent him a pm about guess_fstype not working for ext4, but Jesse only visits the forum occasionally I think. Ditto this blog.

Posted on 12 May 2009, 11:16 by tempestuous
extra drivers
Third-party modules aside, there are a considerable number of new drivers standard with 2.6.29. In the kernel configuration please enable:
- all webcam modules, especially the gspca ones, which are now divided into sub-groups.
- hso wireless modem module.
- nozomi wireless modem module.
- sierra wireless modem module.
- pciehp module, for PCI hotplugging support. This enables devices connected to the miniPCI bus to be switched on and off via hardware switches, or hotkeys.

MADWiFi, both standard and Eee-patched version, are no longer required. The standard ath5k will deal with all G-mode Atheros wifi devices. ath5k was unreliable under k2.6.25, but is stable since k2.6.27.

The third-party Ralink wifi drivers will still be required for the upper model ASUS Eee models.

Posted on 12 May 2009, 11:20 by tempestuous
I advise against the (standard) preemptible kernel setting. It's only a half-measure towards full Real-Time preemption, which can only be achieved with the CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT patch set from

This, then, is really a specialised kernel, suitable especially for musicians working with multi-channel midi. Someone should create a Puppy variant with this kernel plus relevant midi applications.

Posted on 12 May 2009, 12:53 by BarryK
Extra modules
- hso wireless modem module.
- nozomi wireless modem module.
- sierra wireless modem module.
- pciehp module, for PCI hotplugging support. This enables devices

Already have the first three, not that last one. Will do, plus will do those other things requested.

Okay, I'll removed that preference for ath_pci over ath5k in /etc/rc.d/MODULESCONFIG.
Here is the preference list from that file:

PREFLIST=' rt2500usb:rt73usb ath5k:ath_pci orinoco_nortel:hostap_plx orinoco_plx:hostap_plx orinoco_tmd:hostap_plx orinoco_pci:hostap_pci martian_dev:ltserial bcm43xx:ssb prism54:p54pci r8169:r8101 '

...I don't have r8101 either, is the r8169 now okay?
I'll have to remove ltserial option also, as I wasn't able to compile it but did succeed with the martian driver.

Posted on 12 May 2009, 16:09 by tempestuous
Under k2.6.25 the r8169 ethernet module definitely failed to work with the newer Realtek RTL8101E/8102E devices.
I see reference on the web to the kernel developers addressing the issue, such as -
So I would guess (?) that the r8169 is now OK, but it would be good during alpha testing if owners of these devices could report whether r8169 worked. The RTL8101 is found in the MSI Wind netbook, Acer Aspire ONE netbook, and Intel miniITX boards.

To confuse matters, Realtek has now released an updated LAN chipset called RTL8168.
The proprietary Linux driver can be downloaded from
but I see a few complaints by kernel developers that the proprietary driver is a less-than-ideal rehash of r8169 code.

Posted on 12 May 2009, 17:42 by aragon2
CONFIG_PCI_MSI => to support ati catalyst driver

powersaving and poweranalysing opts (from usage of powertop)



Posted on 12 May 2009, 18:09 by helander
I fully agree that a "real" RT kernel would be best but the "standard" kernel has improved a lot in this area and it's "just" a configuration diff :)

If the kernel package creation process would be highly automated, it would be easier for someone to take responsibility for additional kernel variants.

In case I could help out to automate the process, please let me know.

Kind Regards


Posted on 12 May 2009, 20:53 by pakt
Re: r8169 in upup-466
Booting upup-466 from a USB stick, pfix=RAM, both the Advent 4211 (MSI Wind in disguise) and the Acer One can connect to the network using their r8169 interfaces.

Posted on 12 May 2009, 24:22 by GreatnessGuru
davfs2 or fusedav?
"Anyone else wants to make a request, ..."
Either: davfs2 or fusedav.

WebDAV shares can be
mounted in Linux using
davfs2 or fusedav which
mount them as
coda or FUSE filesystems."

davfs2 - Summary
"davfs2 1.4.0 released ...
Sat 02 May 2009 08:11:37 PM UTC ...
This is the first release since
davfs2 moved to Savannah."

fusedav 0.2
"Sun Apr 2 2006:
Version 0.2 released, ...
Current Status
Version 0.2 works fine."

Thanks very much, Barry,
Eddie Maddox
Inwood IA USA