mp text editor fixed

It was reported that mp had a "double menu" in Puppy 412. I checked, version 3.3.13 which is the one in 412 also has the same bug in Jaunty puppy.

I compiled the last in the 3.3 series, 3.3.18a, but same bug. Then I compiled the last in the 3.2 series, 3.2.13, menu is okay.

Then I compiled 5.1.2, curses only, no gtk. The menu is okay on that one to. I'm personally not interested in its scripting feature, which bloats it a bit, but have adopted this for jaunty pup.

Note, the old 3.2.13 works fine, is small, but lacks unicode support.

Note that Puppy2 and Puppy3 has mp version 3.3.7. I tested the binary but the menu did not work properly.

Posted on 12 May 2009, 9:27


Posted on 13 May 2009, 7:27 by ttuuxxx
MP 5.1.2
Hi Barry I built a package with both version working in it, you get two .desktops, one for curses and one for gtk. Its the 5.1.2 version, I the menus works fine in both versions.