I did say that the kernel would be the last one that I would compile for awhile, but before I even uploaded it, out came the kernel.

So, I went through the exercise again. Here it is:


My intention is to stay with this one for sometime, except I will do a SMP compile.

Posted on 22 May 2009, 12:56


Posted on 31 May 2009, 16:39 by helander
I noticed that the kernel pet packages contains a firmeware.dep file and this file is not created during a standard kernel build process so I guess it is some Puppy (or Woof) specific file, correct?

How do I go about to create this file?
At the moment I am not adding or removing any drivers from the the configs provided by Barry, so could I just then copy this file from the corresponding pet package from Barry

In case I would like to add or remove a driver, what actions do I have to do to create a "correct" firmware.dep file?

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Posted on 2 Jun 2009, 9:57 by BarryK
Re: firmware.dep
/etc/modules/firmware.dep.<kernel version> is created manually. If compiling a new kernel, you can just reuse an earlier file. Any changes to the firmware tarballs in /lib/modules/all-firmware then you have to manually update the file.