Puppy 4.2.1 released!

WhoDo has announced the release of Puppy Linux 4.2.1. This is a bugfix release of 4.2. See the announcement here:


A lot of testing went into 4.2.1 and WhoDo has put in a huge effort. He probably still vaguely recalls that he had a real life once! Warren, take a well-deserved rest.

The "Package Coordinator" job should be much less demanding, no stress to meet deadlines, etc. I'll send you a p.m. with a few details.

Posted on 22 May 2009, 21:09


Posted on 24 May 2009, 8:05 by dogone
Bravo 4.2.1!
It delights me to the first to respond, "Bravo!". Puppy 4.2.1 is superb! Providing what feedback I could, I largely watched as our mighty devs combed the fleas from 421's coat. Well the hard work has paid off handsomely. 421's coat shines like best of breed. My congratulations to all involved. You have created something we all can be very proud of. Thank you!

Posted on 18 Sep 2009, 24:01 by Aitch
4.2.,1 network problems
Hi Barry
Been awhile since 4.2.1 was released I know, but in the forum, quite a lot of posters/noobies especially, seem to have problems connecting to the internet
I don't know if this is a driver/network wizard problem or if there's something still needed, as a patch, [including in 4.3,maybe?] as several ISPs don't seem to get their DNS resolving sorted - using 4.2.2 or open dns seems to work

seems to be something associated with /etc/resolv.conf maybe?
Perhaps adding local DNS caching would help...?