Lots of Genie examples!

Nicolas is really getting into it:


...text editor, video player, web browser, PDF viewer...

Posted on 2 Jun 2009, 10:36


Posted on 2 Jun 2009, 21:39 by ttuuxxx
Lots of Genie examples!
Hey Barry I had a look at the work that Nic has been doing, hmmmm you should persuade him to join the puppy team :)
Actually I was thinking That Genie language looks like its a tip of iceberg and we haven't jumped into the water yet. lol I starting to think it will be the default puppy dialog soon for most of the common applications, wish I had more time to learn it, But I'm focusing mostly on puppy builds, Anyways looking forward to new Genie applications, Mark is really doing well with it :) i can see him bringing new stuff to puppy like his browsers< etc.

Posted on 3 Jun 2009, 16:46 by disciple
I noticed there is talk of rewriting Nathural (a gtk painting program in the early stages of development) in Vala or Genie (can't remember which and I can't find the web page anymore). That might be a fun project for people to get involved in.

Posted on 4 Jun 2009, 10:30 by ttuuxxx
Lots of Genie examples
Hi Barry, I came across this new Alpha gtk image editor a couple of months back, I tested it and it has a lot of potential, the developer wants to make it similar to a small Photoshop which is really nice.
Here's the but, Marcos has now decided to go with Python, I've had a few correspondents with him via email, and well he's tried Vala but he said
"I was testing Vala too, but the signal wrapping system does not fit well, in addition Vala documentation is poor, its sad to know that python-native does not run into minimals gnulinux but, but I think is the best choice for the project future."

Basically after that I mentioned maybe we could bring the code here and anyone wanting to take part in helping the development nathive could.
He then responded as such "The next python-nathive package will be smallest, python code => less lines => less bytes... for now 41k vs 74k old one.
But as you say you need the python install, and if not by default in puppy... its a problem.

And of course, it much much much more easy to hack on the project, more community is less time to get a functional beta."

His future models will have a colour wheel etc. Anyways Right now the project is at a turning point from gtk to python, I don't think it would be all that difficult to sway him back to Vala if we had some sort of knowledge base support for him.
Well its an idea, thanks

Posted on 4 Jun 2009, 13:45 by disciple
Ah - that's why I couldn't find the web page... I misremembered the name.

> I tested it and it has a lot of potential
It is still extremely basic (i.e. not really useful), so has as much potential in theory as any image editor.
Certainly a worthy project goal though :)

Posted on 7 Jun 2009, 8:27 by disciple
"its sad to know that python-native does not run into minimals gnulinux but, but I think is the best choice for the project future."
That's a pity... it's not like there's a shortage of python painting programs.

Someone on the Puppy forum recently decided to write an audio tagging application in gtkmm, because they didn't think there was enough documentation for Vala :(