Internet access with A411 mobile

I have not yet got my Telstra (Samsung A411) 3G mobile talking to the Internet, just doing some initial testing. The mobile has a USB adaptor cable, when I plugged it in, these modules loaded, in the order listed:


The 'visor' module messes things up. As forum member gyro explained, it has to be blacklisted, which also prevents 'usbserial' from loading. So I did that, rebooted, and just 'cdc_acm' loaded and then PupDial was able to talk to the mobile. However, 'pppd' dies after awhile, I presume because I haven't activated the Internet capability in the modem yet.

Though, I'm puzzled by that, as I can get limited Internet access in my mobile, to check my account and a few other free things. My wvdial.conf is this:

[Dialer Defaults]

Modem = /dev/ttyACM0
Baud = 460800
Init1 =
Init2 = ATZ
Init3 = ATS7=60
Carrier Check = no
Dial Command = ATDT
Phone = *99**1*1#
Username = A
Password = B
Stupid Mode = yes
Auto Reconnect = no

[Dialer isp2]
Username = MY2USERNAME
Password = MY2PASSWORD
Stupid Mode = no
Auto Reconnect = yes

[Dialer pin]
Init1 = AT+CPIN=

[Dialer apn]
Init5 = AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","telstra.internet"

[Dialer wireless]
#To force only 2G or 3G, uncomment the Init4 line and append 0 (2G) or 2 (3G), and substitute your operator's name for MYOPS.
#Init4 = AT+COPS=0,0,"MYOPS",
#Init6-Init9 lines are available for user purposes; the commented examples can be used as described:
#To force the 3G quality of service level, uncomment the Init6/Init7 line pair and set value two places each, for 384k/144k/64k, omitting the "k" (e.g., =1,4,64,384,64,384).
#To list all the APNs stored in the modem, uncomment the Init8 line; check the Connection status log for lines beginning with +CGDCONT:.
#To list the operator identifier stored in the modem, uncomment the Init9 line; check the Connection status log for a line beginning with +COPS:.
#Init6 = AT+CGEQMIN=1,4,64,384,64,384
#Init7 = AT+CGEQREQ=1,4,64,384,64,384
#Init8 = AT+CGDCONT?
#Init9 = AT+COPS?

If anyone has a thought on this, please let me know!

Anyway, regarding the 'visor' module, it is described as:

USB HandSpring Visor / Palm OS driver, it seems irrelevant to us. Should I remove it when building Puppy? That would be one less problem to deal with.

Here is the forum post where I read the advice from gyro:

Posted on 16 Jun 2009, 11:04


Posted on 16 Jun 2009, 22:27 by dogone
Handsprig Visor module
I recommend caution here. The Handspring module loads when my Sony Clie is synced, so the module is likely generic to some or all Palm compatible PIM devices.

Posted on 21 Jun 2009, 20:50 by BarryK
3G forum thread
For anyone reading this who wants to know more about 3G modems and Puppy, this is where it is all happening, and rerwin is the main guy doing the development. He is expanding PupDial from it's original usage just as an analog modem dialup GUI.

Forum thread: