3G modem fixes

Rerwin is coordinating the integration of 3G modem detection and operation in Puppy, for use via the PupDial GUI application.

He has posted the latest fix, '3G_pupdial_patch_to_P5-alpha9-2.pet' in the alpha9 feedback thread:


Ummm, it looks like the changes that I made in my last post. that is, 'modem_and_override_fix-4.1.3-4.pet', are incorporated into this pet package.

I have updated everything in /etc/udev/rules.d
I have updated /etc/usb_modeswitch.conf
I have deleted /dev/536ep and /dev/537 nodes.
I have updated /lib/modules/all-firmware/hso.tar.gz and option.tar.gz
/usr/sbin/has modemprobe, modemprobe_erase, modemtest, pupdial and usb_modemswitch ...ok, I have updated all of these.

Rerwin, I would like to send out a thanks to you for your endless patience with all the guys with modem problems. Me to, I'm signing up for dialup again, very soon. Many people are still on dialup, I know the percentage in the USA is quite high ...even a majority? So, other distros may have moved on, but we shouldn't, and I have decided that I need to keep a dialup account running even if just for testing purposes.

Note, the forum thread where all of this is happening, is here:
I will be uploading the next Woof alpha, and a live-CD version 414 which is intended to be a start on the continuation of the 4.x series -- so testers are encouraged to try that.

Posted on 23 Jun 2009, 21:34

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