Bug in PETget

When you click on a PET package in a Rox window, the 'petget' utility runs and installs the package. There was a report in alpha9 that the installation wasn't registering and couldn't be uninstalled. I tested it then and it worked for me.

Now however, I am getting the bug. It seems to have installed ok, but hasn't created the appropriate '.files' file in /root/.packages.

Okay, found the problem, fixed it.

Posted on 27 Jun 2009, 11:03


Posted on 27 Jun 2009, 13:37 by Pizzasgood
Versions affected
Was this a bug introduced in Woof, or was it already around in 4.x?

Posted on 28 Jun 2009, 15:29 by BarryK
The petget script is a total rewrite for Woof, that's what I'm using.

Posted on 29 Jun 2009, 6:39 by Pizzasgood
Okay, thanks.

Posted on 29 Jun 2009, 7:19 by ttuuxxx
Bug in PETget
Hi Barry 2 things, Have you removed the code that deletes Pet packages automatically without warning if the package is in the 'root' directory?

Also in 4.15 I was testing the installer and Installed XMMS, now we both know that XMMS is a gtk1 application and not supported by default in the whole 4 series, So the package manager installed it and said nothing was missing and it was ok. LOL So the I did the ldd and sure enough all the gtk1 files are missing, like they should be, so the dependency checker isn't working.