NicoEdit 1.6

This is so exciting! Nicolas has fixed the problems that I mentioned in my previous blog post:

Here is the snapshot again:

Nicolas left the version number at 1.5, the same as before, so I bumped it up to 1.6. The PET package '' will be uploaded to ibiblio soon.

As before, the PET package has 'bk_compile' script to compile the source, and the source is included in the PET package.

NicoEdit is looking really good, and I was wondering what else it needs to replace Geany and Medit and become the only builtin text editor in Puppy. Perhaps this:

1. Optional line wrapping (remembered in .NicoEdit.rc).
2. Tabs.

Posted on 27 Jun 2009, 11:11


Posted on 27 Jun 2009, 11:36 by dogone
NicoEdit bugs
Barry, please check the followin before "signing-off" on NicoEdit 1.6. Under 415, NicoEdit 1.5:

1. Ignores CTRL-S.
2. Prompts that the file "not registered" when closed with unsaved edits.
3. Strips the executable flag from scripts when they are saved.

Otherwise, it's great!

Posted on 27 Jun 2009, 12:55 by Lobster
Tabs would be great. Geany has the ability to compile directly from the editor. Would that be overkill?

Posted on 27 Jun 2009, 14:13 by Pizzasgood
I haven't had a chance to try it myself, sorry (maybe tomorrow), but from the screenshots it doesn't look like it has one of those nice integrated find-boxes like in Geany. Same for the jump-to-line box. I find those pretty useful. Really annoying to have to open a separate window/box/toolbar just to search or jump to a line-number.

Other features I like a lot in Geany are code-collapsing, indenting multiple lines at once by selecting them all and pressing tab, and the block-select (hold CTRL and select, and it works in a block rather than line-based). That last one is extremely handy in certain situations.

Another neat feature that it may already have, not sure, is highlighting the matching bracket/paren when the cursor is next to one.

I also like when the status-bar tells me which column I'm in.

It looks nice and clean, though the toolbar is taller than I prefer. And if that isn't already customizable, it should be easy to make it so. I've never seen any point in having cut/copy/paste buttons, for example, and like to use small icons with no text to leave more space for viewing things. But that's just me.

Posted on 27 Jun 2009, 15:48 by disciple
Personally I don't like tabs or toolbars in a text editor, but what I find really annoying about geany is the way the left and right buttons move over to the next tab. They really should just scroll the tab bar :)

Posted on 27 Jun 2009, 19:19 by Nicolas
Hi All

Version 2 beta !

Correct some bugs
Added new goto line function
Added new search function (click on the search button on toolbar)
Added "choose tab width"

Download it here:

I read all your messages, and i don't exacly what you want, do you want a simple text editor, an ide or both ?


Posted on 27 Jun 2009, 23:08 by bee
NicoEdit v2beta
1) Is regex possible? In the works?
2) Save should not move the cursor
3) keyboard shortcuts, preferably user selectable

Posted on 28 Jun 2009, 4:47 by Visitor
Help! I miss my lifebuoy!
Wouldn't it be possible to retain Leafpad (73k)? It's like a lifebuoy for any newbie in the frightening "world of vi".
If Leafpad is doomed, my greatest wish would be that "Open As Text" in ROX-Filer would mean literally that, not "Open with NicoEdit". In other words, it would be nice to have a "dumb" mode in the default text editor.

Posted on 28 Jun 2009, 9:43 by Pizzasgood
What's the difference?
Honestly, what's the difference? So there are line numbers shown off on the side, and if it's code it's in color. Is that really so scary? It's still a nice clean GUI editor. All the basic stuff that a person would expect still works the same.

Posted on 28 Jun 2009, 24:48 by Nicolas
Version 2 Beta 2 !
Hi All,

Version 2 beta 2 !

Added possibility to choose the style of the toolbar,
Added keyboard shortcuts in menus,
Added a progress bar when preview or export as pdf,
Added "show line and col number" when edit text,
Fix: when save a file, do not move cursor at first line.

Download it here:


Posted on 29 Jun 2009, 23:50 by Nicolas
Version 2 Beta 3 !

Version 2 beta 3 !

Search in text is now fully working
Added "signal for search and gotoline, when you type text to search or line to go, just press enter ! "
Added "F11 shortcut for fullscreen/unfullscreen"
Added "Auto-indent, Indent-on-Tab, Indent-Width"
Added "When you click on change font, the font dialog remember the last selection"
Deleted the "big" search box !

Donwload it here:


Posted on 30 Jun 2009, 24:02 by BarryK
Re: NicoEdit
That code I put in to test the "shebang" line in a file, I think it has some problems.

I opened the file for reading, but that probably isn't necessary, as it would already be opened?

A 4096 character buffer is assigned, but if the first line is longer than that then NicoEdit will crash with a segmentation fault. Is there any way to just read a fixed number of bytes from the beginning of the file?

Posted on 31 Jun 2009, 5:05 by Nicolas
Re: NicoEdit
Hi Barry,

I don't know what is a "shebang", can you send me a "shebang" file ?

Send at:


Posted on 31 Jun 2009, 5:14 by Pizzasgood
The shebang is the first line in many scripts that tells the shell what interpreter to run. They start with a #! followed by the path to the interpreter, and sometimes also options to pass to the interpreter.


More info:

Posted on 31 Jun 2009, 6:47 by Nicolas
Thanks pizzasgood !

I have no problem opening this kind of file !
Probably you are using older version !

For the "crash", i know this problem, it come from the recent menu manager !
I take a look tomorrow to try to correct this !


Posted on 3 Jul 2009, 2:34 by Nicolas
Hi Barry and other,

There is a new version "Little Pumping Version"
This version is a little bugged !

Now you can use normal menu and toolbar or use themed version !

See the screenshot here:

And of course download it here:

So what do you think ?

PS: when you change the look in the View menu, restart NicoEdit to take effect !

Posted on 4 Jul 2009, 20:53 by Nicolas
New version of NicoEdit
Hi All,

New version of NicoEdit.

Added: Close the find bar if the user presses Esc
Added: Close the goto line bar if the user presses Esc
Added: When the cursor is inside the find-bar, put back into the text area by pressing the up key
Added: F3 keyboard shortcut for 'find-next'
Added: Control-f put the cursor into the find-bar's box
Added: Ask user to restart NicoEdit when select Normal or Themed view
Fix: The line/column display in the statusbar auto-update when the cursor is moved around
Fix: Pressing Control-f work when you are in full-screen

Download it here:

Please test it and let me know if you like it !

Posted on 6 Jul 2009, 9:25 by bee
New version of NicoEdit
I tried to compile the new version 20090704.

./waf configure
'configure' finished successfully (0.937s)

./waf build warning: Argument 1: Cannot pass null to non-null parameter type
...snip ~240 lines of errors...
default/src/application-menu.c:830: error: 'GeetkApplicationMenuPrivate' has no member named '_exit_b utton'
Waf: Leaving directory `/root/my-applications/NicoEdit/_build_'
Build failed
-> task failed (err #1):
{task: cc application-menu.c -> application-menu_1.o}

Any suggestions?

Posted on 6 Jul 2009, 9:38 by bee
New version of NicoEdit
Is this it? I do not have "Gee"? What is Gee?

Previous versions compiled.
(I did not try "Little Pumping Version")

default/src/application-menu.c:5:22: error: gee/list.h: No such file or directory

Posted on 6 Jul 2009, 10:08 by ttuuxxx
Hi bee you need Gee, which you can download the 2 packages from

And there's also a UpupJ versions


Posted on 6 Jul 2009, 10:38 by BarryK
For Upup and the latest Ppup 415, libgee and vala should both be in the 'devx' file.

Um, I think Upup has an older vala package though.

Posted on 6 Jul 2009, 10:54 by bee
I was using 415 and got the error.

Oh, and the "Add Comment" still does not work with MacOSX Safari.

Posted on 6 Jul 2009, 16:48 by Nicolas
Hi Bee,

If your are using the waf system, take a look at the file src/wscript_build at the line:

prog.find_sources_in_dirs ('.')
prog.includes = '/usr/local/include/gee-1.0'
prog.cxxflags = '-O3'
prog.libpath = '/usr/local/lib'
prog.lib = 'gee'

Probably your includes files are not in /usr/local/include/gee-1.0 ?


Posted on 6 Jul 2009, 17:42 by Nicolas
Hi All,

New little version.

Added a script for building in Puppy Linux (see README)
Added a .desktop file
If your file is executable, when you save it, the file keep this permission

Download it here:

See you,

Posted on 6 Jul 2009, 20:22 by Nicolas
!!! Update !!!
I replace the only script by 3 scripts (bk_compile, bk_install, bk_package)

Download it here: target=_blank>


Posted on 7 Jul 2009, 2:55 by bee
Hello Nicolas
Probably your includes files are not in /usr/local/include/gee-1.0 ?

I am using 415, and it is in:

Posted on 7 Jul 2009, 3:50 by Nicolas
Hi Bee,

Does it compile when you enter the correct path in the file src/wscript_build ?


Posted on 7 Jul 2009, 6:14 by bee
Hi Nicolas


415 has Vala-0.7.3 and your latest requires Vala-0.7.4

Posted on 7 Jul 2009, 6:50 by Nicolas
Yes NicoEdit require vala 0.7.4 since version 1.
If you use puppy, you can download vala 0.7.4 here:


Posted on 7 Jul 2009, 10:08 by Bee
''Yes NicoEdit require vala 0.7.4 since version 1''

How did I compile all versions up to and including 2.0 Beta 2 with vala 0.7.3?

ok, I installed
changed path to: /usr/include/gee-1.0
NicoEdit 2.0 Beta 5 is working.

Will you change Find such that after typing the search string, 'return' will initiate the find?

Posted on 7 Jul 2009, 16:44 by Nicolas
Hi Bee,

'return' and 'F3' initiate the find.

Does NicoEdit work correctly for you ?


Posted on 7 Jul 2009, 24:25 by Bee
Yes, trying again 'return' does work. I was near the end of a file and no more to be found. Also clicking 'Find backward'... return gets 'stuck' there toggling the checkbox.

I would rather have:
1) a checkbox to wrap search
2) Shift+Return and Shift+F3 to Find backward

Posted on 7 Jul 2009, 24:33 by Nicolas
Hi Bee,

This is not a bug, the function you want is not implemented yet and should be in the next version !
Stay tuned !


Posted on 7 Jul 2009, 24:34 by Nicolas
Hi All,

New version of NicoEdit !

Change the auto_detect_syntax by a better one
Use ribbon as a library
Update French translation
Update the puppy's scripts

Download it here:


Posted on 8 Jul 2009, 2:23 by Bee
Any chance you would change find to an incremental find, something like in SeaMonkey or Firefox, many people are familar with that now.

Posted on 8 Jul 2009, 2:29 by Nicolas
Yes Bee, in the next version !


Posted on 8 Jul 2009, 3:13 by Bee
ok... Nicolas! That is great.

Compiling the most recent:

1) 'About' has the version number the same as the previous 2.0 Beta 5. The size is different.

2) There is a message 'cannot pass null...'
Is that a problem?

puppy# ./bk_compile

ENTER: warning: Argument 1: Cannot pass null to non-null parameter type
buf = new SourceBuffer(null)
Compilation succeeded - 1 warning(s)

Posted on 8 Jul 2009, 3:46 by Nicolas

1) I don't change the number version everyday i release a new version.

2) This is not a problem.


Posted on 8 Jul 2009, 9:54 by Bee
Consider combining the status bar and find?
+ find left justified
+ status right justified
- no need for close

+ incremental find
- no need for find button or return

Find: [___________] [] Match case [] Wrap Line: 1 Column: 22

Posted on 8 Jul 2009, 13:43 by BarryK
New NicoEdit post
I've started a new thread on NicoEdit: