415: new packages

See my previous blog post. Compiled in 415, these will appear in 416:

libgnomecups-0.2.2-pup4.pet (rolled back from 0.2.3)

Posted on 28 Jun 2009, 24:41


Posted on 29 Jun 2009, 9:41 by dogone
Wonderful reading
It just wouldn't be as much fun without the blow-by-blow. I have to admit to feeling a bit like a "primitive" watching a flying saucer land. It's a wonder to me and I know it's important. I just can't quite comprehend what it means. Still, it's from the gods and has to be a good. ;-).

Posted on 29 Jun 2009, 10:41 by ttuuxxx
415: new packages
What it means dogone is that Barry had some insight to the T2 base that other like myself didn't know, And sometimes one file might look like its faulty but actually its another, and you have to compile the dependencies up to that file to get it all working right again, I still don't figure out how Barry's method worked when he's not including 'Cups' itself, when I compiled Cups, it worked, but Cups then had permissions problems, But Abiword no longer crashed. Anyways I like the detail he puts into blog logs it helps me understand fully whats up, and teaches me some new tricks:)
Thanks Barry :)

Posted on 29 Jun 2009, 11:11 by ttuuxxx
Hi Barry, could you seriously think about updating gtk+glib, The newer GTK is stable, I've been using it for weeks on 2.14.1X and haven't had any issues, its not just because of Searchmonkey, but even today when I went to compile this small mediaplayer that uses Gstreamer on 4.15, I recieved this message, and yes I can lower the specs in the code, but its just a start of this release and its already outdated and looks like parts are missing/broken?

checking for gtk+-2.0 >= 2.16.0... found, but 2.14.7
*** The required package gtk+-2.0 was found on your system,
*** but the installed version (2.14.7) is too old.
*** Please upgrade gtk+-2.0 to atleast version 2.16.0, or adjust
*** the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you installed
*** the new version of the package in a nonstandard prefix so
*** pkg-config is able to find it.

Posted on 31 Jun 2009, 6:29 by nic2109
Cargo Cult
Dogone; beware the creation of a Cargo Cult (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cargo_cult for an explanation). Not everything from "the gods" is what you might conclude it to be!

But like you I'm amazed at how Barry just 'does it'.

Posted on 1 Jul 2009, 9:03 by dogone
Re Cargo Cult
Which reminds me of a episode of "The Twilight Zone (U.S. television 1960s) in which a document scrap is discovered following an alien spacecraft landing. After great effort it's determined that the scrap reads" ...to sevre man...". The locals are thus reassured and welcome the aliens. All are subsequently invited aboard the spacecraft. As the cue of humans forms and people board the ship, an investigator rushes to the sceme to halt the boarding. "Stop", he shouts. "It's a cookbook!"