Planning for Ppup 430

I am intending that the next release, 417, be the first beta. Working toward that goal, the emphasis will be on pragmatism, that is, if it works well enough don't fix it.
I will upgrade some packages, but will hold back on more major upgrades -- for example gtk and cups -- unless a very good case is made in favour of the upgrade. Those kind of upgrades can be targeted for version 440.

I'm at home with only dialup access right now, but will have broadband access on the weekend. Then I intend to upload 416+ with the kernel, tickless smp. Also a SCSI-enabled build. Of course, any improvements I make between now and then will go into those builds.

It is unwise to set a fixed schedule for 430-final, but we can probably expect three or four beta releases. Less than that if we are very optimistic.

After 430 is "out the door" I want to turn it over to someone else to coordinate continuation of the 4.x series. There will be sufficient exposure to the Woof way of doing things for Puppy developers to feel comfortable working in that environment.

Looking ahead, after 430 I intend to work on Upup, the 5.x series (for clarification about 4.x and its relation with 5.x see my previous post).

Posted on 13 Jul 2009, 20:22


Posted on 14 Jul 2009, 4:57 by adi
Upup Traslation
I hope that Upup 5.0 will be able to load other languages translations for menus as ubuntu, for easier usage by non english speakers.