416: various fixes

/tmp is already world-writable.

Thanks, menu entry for Uget fixed. Does Uget actually work? I haven't tried it yet. We have an abundance of downloaders in the Internet menu -- perhaps at least one of them should be culled. How about doing a comparison of all three?

"Xvesa video is scrambled". I tested Xvesa on one my IBM Aptiva, and it came up in a very low resolution, and the Xvesa Wizard did not start as it is supposed to. This bug has been reported with earlier puppies.
Okay, I found the problem, and the fix will be in 417. In /usr/bin/xwin, line 304, you need to insert code to restart xwin if Xvesa is chosen in the wizard:

  #1st dialog offers to use Xvesa...

HAVEX="`readlink /usr/bin/X`"
[ "$HAVEX" = "Xvesa" ] && exec xwin #w482 need to restart xwin.

This has to be builtin to the live-CD to work, as it is on the very first boot when you choose Xvesa that the problem occurs.

Has been begging for a .delta file for the iso. This weekend I will have broadband access and will upload more stuff, a build with the kernel, a SCSI-enabled build, and some .delta files.

"The new icons are really very excellent" "I can't say the same about Super Pup, lovable though he may be".
Actually, I like the superpup background. There is strong divergence of opinion here. It will appear to kids I think. I personally don't think it clashes with the icons, and I rather like the playfulness it brings to the desktop. Perhaps we need a vote on this, whether we should keep superpup for the final...

"Now had no internet (Ethernet) connection". Strange, networking configuration is unchanged from 415 as far as I can recall.

"ext4 partitions are not recognized by pmount or gparted". That's right. 416 has the kernel, same as earlier pups in 4-series. On the weekend I will upload a build with the kernel and that should solve your ext4 problem -- please test it, in case there are other things apart from the kernel that need fixing/updating to work with ext4.

"E-mail icon doesn't work". Ah yes, that's because /usr/local/bin/defaultmail is set to run sylpheed. Fixed.

"Tried PPLOG and it throws the "403 FORBIDDEN" error". Hmm, okay, I have done this:

# chown -R -c root:nobody /root/httpd
# chmod 775 /root/httpd/hiawatha/blog/smilies

Argh, it still doesn't work! But I had it going! I don't have a fix for this one. The Hiawatha error log, in /var/log/hiawatha, reports a filesystem permission problem for pup_pplog.pl, but I can't see why. Anyone reading this who is an expert with web servers?

Posted on 16 Jul 2009, 13:10


Posted on 16 Jul 2009, 13:27 by dogone
SuPup or not SuPup
There is not question, the decision is yours. I'll go with it. FYI, cthisbear maybe working on a variation of the embossed brushed metal background.

Posted on 16 Jul 2009, 16:18 by lobster
The fun of Superpup . . .
agree with dogone - whatever you prefer is fine and easily changeable . . .

Posted on 16 Jul 2009, 17:03 by 01micko
Well, seeing as though I started the Superepup fun and games I started a poll. I'm abstaining! lol.

I also love the brushed metal one!

Cheers and have fun!

Posted on 16 Jul 2009, 18:11 by growler
Hiawatha woes
A similar error came up during 4.2 development I spent quite a bit of time but could not get it going.

Even after changing the permissions - if I su to nobody and then cat a file under /root/httpd I still couldn't read it. I have never seen anything like it - so thought it might be some gremlin in the file system layers.

Ultimately, hiawatha and PPLOG were left out of 4.2 as a result.

ziod and Gill_Bates had some fun and a solution at

My original post - with the permissions snag ...


afraid this hit the too hard basket for me!