Abiword 2.7.7

I have upgraded Abiword to version 2.7.7. Seems to be working very nicely.

DVD burning
Changing the subject, having trouble with xorriso burning to dvd. Ditto with both cdrtools and cdrkit.
This is chewing up heaps of my time, and my self-imposed deadline to get 4.3beta1 out this weekend may have to fall back. Also, it seems the optical burning trouble somehow has something to do with the 2.6.30.x kernel -- I haven't got a clue why, but I'm going to compile the latest 2.6.29.x and test that -- if burning works again then that's the kernel I will use for 4.3.

Posted on 22 Jul 2009, 8:11


Posted on 22 Jul 2009, 8:31 by dogone
Count me among the many who very much appreciate the effort, Barry. Thanks, and hang in there!

Posted on 22 Jul 2009, 10:42 by kirk
Abiword 2.7
A few things you may have already found out.

* There's a ./configure option to not use Gnome dependencies.

* Can't handle Type 1 / pcf fonts, You'll want to exclude these in ~.AbiSuite/AbiWord.Profile

* Seems to require Aspell or similar that enchant can deal with.