4.3pre-beta coming soon

I am not game enough to label it as the first beta, as I haven't done enough testing. The poblem for me is that I currently have to fit in uploads to when I'm away from home. Right now I'm in Perth at a relatives place, with super-fast "naked-ADSL" Internet.

So, I'll label it as "pre-beta" and if it turns out to be a good-un I'll upgrade it to "beta1".

Will probably upload it about 24 hours from now, after that I have to go home.

Note, the red tape surrounding my application for a satellite connection seems to have been finally resolved (the latest thing was a computer problem at the Govt Dept that was rejecting my subsidy application although it had already been approved). So, maybe two weeks max from now I'll have it installed.

For now though, just dialup at home, 2.6KB/sec download, 1.3KB/sec upload speeds!

Posted on 26 Jul 2009, 8:36


Posted on 26 Jul 2009, 17:51 by BarryK
Delay for 4.3pre-beta
No, I have to delay it. The reason that I am in Perth is my daughter is visiting from Melbourne for the weekend, and I have had a very busy schedule. She flies out tonight, then I'm going home in the morning. I still have a long todo list, so will take it easy, work on it for a couple more days, then upload from the Perenjori Telecentre.

Posted on 28 Jul 2009, 22:56 by dogone
4.3 migration howto
Barry, can you please provide us with guidelines (dos, don'ts, gotchas) re migrating 4 series installs to 430? It's still early days but 430 appears a greater leap than originally envisioned. We ought to test the various migration strategies prior to final.