Auto update of menu

I have modified /usr/local/petget/petget and /usr/local/petget/ to restart JWM (as well as run 'fixmenus') when a package with a menu entry is installed. So, the menu updates immediately.

I didn't do this before as had the problem of the freememapplet shooting off to the top-left of screen sometimes. Would you believe, now that I want to fix that, it won't happen! Darn thing stays in the tray.

Sage had an explanation for this phenomenon, a little-known law of physics.

Well, I'll try on another computer. I can implement a hack to get it to restart in the tray.

Posted on 27 Jul 2009, 18:44


Posted on 27 Jul 2009, 19:28 by ttuuxxx
freememory with wings
Hi Barry, I think it all has to do with timing, Usually we used a delay for freememory and blinky in 4.2 and that solved the issue, but with pup4-416
every time I would fixmenus and then restart-X, freememory applet would fly off the taskbar.
My pc is a newer pc, So If I was looking for that to happen I would try it on your latest pc, With 4.2 it was the opposite only older pc's had the issue.

Oh ya the forum has been down about 8hrs now, Just figured I would let you know.

Posted on 28 Jul 2009, 8:19 by shinobar
fixmenus and freememapplet
may work:
--- /usr/sbin/	2008-12-16 06:56:42.000000000 +0900

+++ /usr/sbin/fixmenus 2009-07-28 08:14:54.000000000 +0900
@@ -7,8 +7,12 @@
#...the '_' will be converted to a '/', so the generated JWM config file is:
# /root/.jwmrc
# 5jan2008: fbpanel,lxpanel support developed by plinej.
+# 28jul09: restart freememapplet - by Masaki Shinomiya <>

TEMPLATES="`ls -1 /etc/xdg/templates | tr '\n' ' '`"
+# 28jul09 restart freememapplet
+FREEMEM="$(pidof freememapplet)"
+[ "$FREEMEM" = "" ] || killall freememapplet

@@ -39,5 +43,6 @@
[ `which jwm2fluxbox` ] && jwm2fluxbox ##current fluxbox_menu_refresh doesn't support menu icons while this does
[ `which obmenu-refresh` ] && obmenu-refresh
[ `which jwm2pekwm` ] && jwm2pekwm
+[ "$FREEMEM" = "" ] || freememapplet & # 28jul09


Posted on 28 Jul 2009, 8:19 by BarryK
yeah, that's how I solved it, with a 'sleep 1'. /root/.jwmrc-tray calls 'freememappletshell' which has the sleep then calls 'freememapplet'.

I suppose someone has sent an email to John about the forum?

Posted on 28 Jul 2009, 8:22 by BarryK
you posted the exact same time as me, thanks for the input.

Posted on 28 Jul 2009, 8:04 by BarryK
Re: forum down
Ok, in case anyone else hasn't, I have sent an email to John.