Puppy 4.3 pre-beta

This is a release that is not-quite-beta-quality-but-maybe-is. Get it from here:


The theme is super-boring. Pity that I took out Superpup!

Hosting help needed
The problem is, I uploaded from the Perenjori Telecentre, was here for two hours but didn't get all files uploaded.
Could someone help out, reconstruct the missing files from the delta files, and upload them somewhere?

Note, there is a README on the ibiblio site that explains all the files.

Uploading should be ok for 4.3beta as I plan to be in Perth then -- a week from now.

Known bugs
1. The auto-cropping of background image for widescreen seems to be not working.

Posted on 31 Jul 2009, 10:59


Posted on 31 Jul 2009, 15:49 by Tony
Universal installer problems
Hi Barry, am trying to do a flash install (frugal) using a system with a 1tb drive split into 2 x 32gb one 920gb (all ext3) and 2gb swap (SATA)

I popped the files into my frugal on the 920, booted into it no problems.

Ran universal installer to put onto a flash drive (split into 1 and 3 gb)

Choose 1gb and went to choose source files (I used isomaster to extract the files) but it could not see the 920gb in the dialogue box even though I can browse it, copy etc (Note that the "light" on the drive icon is orange and not green like on the other two icons).

I then tried again but this time copied files to the second partition (32gb), browsed to files and I could see them.

I choose one of the 3 as per instructions and it says cannot find "ppa-422.sfs" even though I can see it in the dialogue box. I tried again selecting another of the files but still no joy.
Thanks for all your hard work

Posted on 31 Jul 2009, 16:21 by lucaberta
e3vi coredumps
Just hit what for me is a major snag in 422. e3vi coredumps right away, and I am very much a command-line freak, but I surely don't miss the ed days... :-)

What would prevent having a full-fledged vi o vim editor on Puppy? Or maybe there is already a vim package that I can install on 422?

Thanks, Luca

Posted on 31 Jul 2009, 17:00 by trio
gxine 0.5.904
1. Sorry to report that upgrade of gxine has bug. Pstreamvid plays fullscreen with the previous version and also tried with mplayer succesfully. With the new one, pstreamvid can't play full screen, when tried with mplayer it play fullscreen successfully. When opened from gxine gui and click video full screen, it will do full screen. It seems like new gxine can't play full screen from command line. Or is it just me? Will test with another computer from home.

2. b43 module can't be activated, after i copied folder /lib/firmware/b43 from another puppy, it can.

Posted on 31 Jul 2009, 17:02 by Lobster
" . . . it says cannot find "ppa-422.sfs" even though I can see it in the dialogue box . . . "
Had the same message when I tried to install to an SD card using the Universal Installer. The file is there and I recopied just in case - the file is not being recognised. Other systems and initial recognition, connection, new games etc seem to be working OK . . .

Posted on 31 Jul 2009, 17:58 by lucaberta
Found a working vi!
Just a quick addition to my note on the e3vi coredumps, I did some searching on the forum and found a .pet for vi that installed OK and works great:


Thanks to paulh177 for the ex-050325-i486.pet file!

Ciao, Luca

Posted on 31 Jul 2009, 18:09 by cliuser
e3 segfault
1. e3 segfault from cli and menu pick.
It's only 208 bytes???

2. Luca, you can also find several vim/gvim pets on the UG.

Posted on 31 Jul 2009, 18:35 by charlie6
do not boot from live-cd with grub multiboot
1. on a PC with GRUB multiboot (windowsxp, puppy412 and puppy417):
have burned ppa-422.iso on a CD-RW / multisession;
have saved my session using 'save to cd'

if reboot on the same PC it does not boot on th live-cd; boot on GRUB instead.

(note: bios is well setup for cd boot first)

2. it does however boot on another PC with only WindowsXP installed)

Posted on 31 Jul 2009, 20:50 by charlie6
where to upload pps-422.iso?
Hi Barry,

Have reconstructed pps-422.iso and its md5sum matches OK.
Any idea for an URL where to upload?
(I have an ADSL connection)

many thanks for your time again !


Posted on 31 Jul 2009, 21:09 by Lobster

or contact Eric (Caneri on forum)
say a little Lobster sent you :)

check out

Posted on 31 Jul 2009, 21:22 by trio
gtk theme folders
/usr/share/themes/Default & Emacs folders..inside you should have a symlink or rename the gtk-2.0-key to gtk-2.0

Posted on 31 Jul 2009, 21:53 by trio

with this:
sleep 1

exec freememapplet

I still have (sometimes) freememapplet that's free fying..


In 4.2.1 to prevent freememapplet from flying we used:
killall freememapplet

sleep 1
exec freememapplet

And it stopped free flying ...

Posted on 31 Jul 2009, 22:30 by BarryK
4.3pre-beta forum feedback
Here is the forum thread for further feedback:


trio, I did test fullscreen of Gxine 0.5.904 and it worked on my laptop. I tested playing a couple of video files and a video DVD, but not via your Pstreamvid.

Posted on 31 Jul 2009, 22:33 by BarryK
4.3pre-beta "standard"
charlie6, thanks for putting together the 'standard' 4.3pre-beta!

Posted on 31 Jul 2009, 23:58 by linuxcbon
cpu frequency-scaling
Can you add it to puppy ?

Adding this in /etc/rc.d/rc.local

modprobe acpi-cpufreq # generic
modprobe cpufreq_ondemand # ondemand mode
echo ondemand > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor

Otherwise the processor is hot using puppy, even idle...this is not normal.

Posted on 32 Jul 2009, 3:17 by linuxcbon
acpi_cpufreq not included ?
Module acpi_cpufreq is not in puppy per default.
Can you included it and changes in /etc/rc.d/rc.local ?

I tried with module powernow-k8 and it makes a big difference : fans don't run all the time now.
This is a must in puppy.

Posted on 32 Jul 2009, 8:10 by Tony
X is eating 27% of memory
X :0 -br #DCDAD5 is registering 27% of 1gb ram (270mb) on Acer Apsire one. (1.6gh atom) Using Xorg set to 1024x768 24 bit.

Copying from USB very slow (seems more like USB1 speeds. Copying to same usb from another 1.6 atom running PClinux many many times faster.


Posted on 1 Aug 2009, 9:31 by broomdodger
e3vi coredumps
I tried both the ex-050325-i486.pet and elvis

IMO neither is good enough having been using a full vim or gvim.

I have compiled vim on puppy many versions, the easiest is to use:


Posted on 1 Aug 2009, 11:27 by broomdodger
e3vi coredumps
I meant to add that either ex-050325-i486.pet or elvis would be better than e3.

elvis is smaller IIRC

Posted on 1 Aug 2009, 16:04 by charlie6
4.3pre-beta "standard" (i.e. pps-422.iso) download
download from here:


(I apologize for delay as I was out yesterday)

Cheers, Charlie

Posted on 2 Aug 2009, 4:13 by broomdodger
F12 > Puppy Menu
I like to have as many function keys available for the application vim.

F12 always brings the Puppy Menu.

Is there a way to disable F12 > Puppy Menu?

Posted on 2 Aug 2009, 6:36 by broomdodger
F12 > Puppy Menu
>Is there a way to disable F12 > Puppy Menu?

ok, I did it, "JWM configuration" in Puppy 415 does not give good feedback.

After checking delete, answer yes, you need to click cancel! I tried ok but was returned to the being asked if it was ok to delete.

Joy... F12 is disabled, now useful in vim.

Posted on 2 Aug 2009, 9:06 by 01micko
devX ppa-422
Hi Barry

I don't seem to be able to find the delta file for pup417_devx to ppa-422 devx delta file. Not on ibiblio or internode. If it is small enough can you upload it? I'll reconstruct and upload to gposil's site.


Posted on 2 Aug 2009, 9:44 by BarryK
I have a few pet packages to upload also. I'll be in Perth tomorrow night, so will upload all of the backlog then. That will be roughly 36 - 48 hours from now.

Posted on 2 Aug 2009, 10:12 by Sit Heel Speak
devx for ppa-422
The squashfs4-enabled devx_420.sfs (not the squashfs3 one on ibiblio) which aragon posted for his SMP version of Puppy 4.2 seems to work OK--at least, I can compile autofs4, libfreetype, and wxwidgets with it. Just rename it devx_422.sfs. It's at
user=puppy password=linux

maggotspawn also posted the identical devx_420.sfs along with his 4.20-RT-SMP .iso at


md5sum is
56aadc9267c3ef2fc9541dc85eea019b devx_420.sfs

Posted on 2 Aug 2009, 18:15 by charlie6
pps-422 download: other repo
from here
thanks gposil - apologize for delay

Posted on 4 Aug 2009, 5:57 by linuxcbon
can you remove old entries and add
alias ls='ls --color=auto'

Do you need "Minimum Profit" editor ?

# nicoedit
Unable to load program icon
** (nicoedit:1251): CRITICAL **: nico_edit_open_file: assertion `filename != NULL' failed

should contain only "exec jwm"

In /dev/ do you need the hda hdb hdc ?