QUISP is in!

I don't know why I took QUISP out before, I should have persevered with it. Anyway, I have now got it working with Hiawatha and it will be in 4.3beta1. The other two, SQLiteDBMS and SQLiteManager, are going out.

The QUISP pet package 'quisp-128-p4.pet' is 217KB, or 904KB expanded, but half of that is a tutorial, so it really is tiny. That includes the SHSQL backend and a heap of CLI utilities.

The great thing about QUISP is that it is not just a frontend for SHSQL, it is a frontend for anything. It enables you to easily put anything into a web page, and have all kinds of interactivity.

There is a product called Ploticus that adds sophisticated real-time graphs to QUISP-generated web pages. There is also another product called EasyTimeline for adding timeline graphs. I intend to add these in the future.

The tutorial is quite good. The menu 'Business --> QUISP dynamic web interface' runs /usr/sbin/quisp_shell which launches Hiawatha and brings up the QUISP tutorial. I have described it as a "dynamic web interface" in the menu as SHSQL is only a small part of what QUISP can do.

I have started to write my own HOWTO, which is describing how to create a simple web page with QUISP tags in it. It doesn't even use SHSQL, I just want a page with text entry, buttons and real-time display of some system data. After that I might write a more ambitious HOWTO. For now though, I just want to describe simple steps A, B, C to show how easy it is to get started.

Ploticus homepage: http://ploticus.sourceforge.net/
EasyTimeline homepage: http://infodisiac.com/Wikipedia/EasyTimeline/Introduction.htm

Posted on 1 Aug 2009, 11:28


Posted on 2 Aug 2009, 3:37 by cliuser
ploticus is great
I had been using matplotlib, but am converting over to ploticus.

In particular, note the lightweight text data input files used by both quisp and ploticus.

Posted on 2 Aug 2009, 8:42 by BarryK
QUISP and Ploticus
Yes, there's a little example database of artist's paintings that illustrates what I am on about with QUISP, it's great potential for Puppy (currently not fully functional because of a bug in Hiawatha but we should get that sorted).

The same guy has developed QUISP and Ploticus, and he has a source package with both of them together (named "quisp_pl") so that they are highly integrated.

Right now I'm testing the QUISP-only package, once I have it running nicely I'll upgrade to quisp_pl.