Pstreamvid 1.2-3

Trio has upgraded Pstreamvid. See forum:

I have upgraded, for the upcoming 4.3beta1.

Posted on 5 Aug 2009, 21:53


Posted on 5 Aug 2009, 15:20 by trio
wait a while
Sorry Barry, to give you more work, but I am finalizing pstreamvid, now v 1.2-8, no problem when using gxine (yeah the fullscreen option command still doesn't work, but it's not pstreamvid's fault), you can have options to turn the fullscreen on or off both mplayer and gxine. Only problem is ram usage of mplayer. I got it to lower the usage significantly in v 1.2-8. I'll polish it a bit, and put as v 1.3.

Posted on 5 Aug 2009, 20:23 by trio
Barry, please do upgrade to the latest version, MAJOR reconstruction & bugfix..thank you, sorry to bother you with extra work...

BTW, have you got a fix for "gxine -f" command from terminal?

Posted on 5 Aug 2009, 22:03 by BarryK
Pstreamvid 1.3
Done, upgraded to 1.3.