422: revert Gxine?

There are reports of full-screen problems with Gxine 0.5.904. So, should I revert to our trusty version 0.5.9, that we have been using for ages (including pup 412).

Posted on 11 Aug 2009, 8:29


Posted on 11 Aug 2009, 9:40 by trio
i vote yes
Well, it's better to have a fully functional older version if the latest one is not. That's my 2 cents. Thanks

Posted on 11 Aug 2009, 10:24 by arby
re: 422: revert Gxine?
I have no movies with me right now to try the
latest version. However, I can say that I had
seen the full screen issue before with 0.5.9.

I later found that if I maximized the window
first, THEN selected full screen, it would play

At the time, I'd chalked it up as a bug
I could live with.

Posted on 11 Aug 2009, 10:52 by trio
to Arby
what we are discussing about is gXine 0.5.94 in 430prebeta, which cannot have full screen from terminal command:
#gxine -f mms://your.stream.url.here

but can use fullscreen by opening in normal GUI and toggle F key

In previous gxine 0.5.9 we can use fullscreen from command line/terminal. Note: in 430prebeta we have a pacthed JWM for fullscreen, and it worked fine.

Posted on 11 Aug 2009, 10:57 by arby
re: 422: revert Gxine?
Tried both 4.12 & 4.22 with a 685Meg avi movie.

Both show a noticeable flicker every 4 seconds
when full screen, both play normally with no
flicker when just maximized.

Puppy 4.12 (Gxine0.5.9) doesn't fullscreen
properly without maximizing first. Trying FS
makes the movie occupy both desktops until it's

Puppy 4.22 (0.5.904) does go fullscreen from a
window. Playback appears the same to me.

(Dual P4,1.86GHz,2Gram,1280x1024)

Posted on 11 Aug 2009, 11:06 by arby
re: 422: revert Gxine?
BTW, I have a range of hardware at my disposal;
an eeepc1000 and various P3's, P4's.

Posted on 11 Aug 2009, 12:51 by playdayz
gxine or xine-lib
Is this a gxine problem or a xine-lib problem? I ask because I often use xineui 0.99 and if it is a gxine problem then I would suggest possibly using xineui even though it is not gtk2.