422: various fixes

It was reported that 4.3pre-beta has an old version. Yes, the latest, version 2009.4.4, is in the initrd, but I neglected to update the PET package in the main filesystem. Fixed.

Lobster would like this back. Yeah, why not... the PET package is only 84KB. This is an addon for SeaMonkey. There is also SQLiteDBMS, PET package 108KB, but I think it is ...perhaps... less mature. In 4.3 pre-beta I had both in, pre-beta-reloaded neither.

Coolpup reported that 4.3 pre-beta doesn't have fontconfig. Er, yes it does.

Coolpup posted the latest version PET package to me, version 0.5.1. Yes, the version in 4.3pre-beta is rather old. I grabbed the source and compiled it, now in Puppy.

Posted on 11 Aug 2009, 19:31


Posted on 12 Aug 2009, 10:08 by happypuppy
You should update the Flash Player plugin
Barry,have you updated the Flash plugin to the latest version?

The latest version contains lots of critical security fixes.

Posted on 13 Aug 2009, 16:38 by ttuuxxx
Hi Barry when I made the hardinfo package for 2.14X I edited the code and only used about 6 of the icons and just repeated each in the sub-directories, saved about 200kb extract or 40kb compressed compared to the last version you compiled.
here's the 164kb pet package I made up, should work on anything.

and what it looks like :)


Posted on 14 Aug 2009, 8:01 by BarryK
Less icons
Yes, when I saw all those icons, I thought it was a bit much and something should be done about it. Thanks, you have done it!