Puppy Linux 4.3beta1

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A first draft of the release announcement:


Please test!

Known bugs/limitations:
1. Not a bug so much, a lack. I need to recompile the kernel to provide pci hotplug support. It somehow got missed out (so no pciehp module).
2. Definitely not yet the final theme!

Posted on 15 Aug 2009, 6:25


Posted on 15 Aug 2009, 6:24 by BarryK
4.3beta1 forum feedback
Lobster has started a forum thread for feedback on 4.3beta1:


Posted on 15 Aug 2009, 12:54 by trio
pstreamvid patch

You decided to revert to fully functional gxine 0.5.9 (good call!), unfortunately I already designed pstreamvid 1.3 to prepare for 0.5.94. Anyway patch is provided in main post of thread below. Please install it. Thanks

15 Aug 2009 - reverting to gxine 0.5.9 (430 Beta1) - will replace /usr/local/pstreamvid/functions


Posted on 15 Aug 2009, 16:50 by BarryK
Can you put in autodetection so it works with both versions of gxine.

# gxine --help

will output the version number. If "gxine 0.5.9 (release)" then use whatever code, else assume a recent version.

Posted on 15 Aug 2009, 18:12 by trio
pstreamvid patch

What spesifically different in command was to tell gxine to open in 200% window size when not full screen (-C option) but there is no such option for 0.5.9. I did that just to compensate of the fullscreen bug of 0.5.94. So actually, the patch will work for both. And I also give hint of how to config the window size in the thread. Only cahnging one line in /root/.gxine/config


Posted on 15 Aug 2009, 19:10 by Greg
Missing Links
Barry... minor omission in the release notes. Links in this paragraph are missing..
"The downside. I'm not much into graphics, ...... play and play until you get something you like! 1 2 "

Posted on 15 Aug 2009, 19:45 by BarryK
Re Missing links
That particular item will be changed by 4.3 final. For example, ttuuxxx has sent me a theme to evaluate.

Regarding links to "play and play", I don't know what they are. Recently I was looking at a new site with gtk, jwm themes and background images for Puppy --but now I don't recall the URL -- zigbert is associated with that site?

Posted on 15 Aug 2009, 20:19 by trio
puppy look

Google for puppy look by forum member dejan. Maybe that's what you mean

Posted on 15 Aug 2009, 21:05 by MU
1.) nice system, looks great at first sigth :)

2.) a modern ati card HD4850 is not detected, and does not work with the included ati drivers.
It works though, if you select a standard vesa resolution (no widescreen) in xorgwizard, as the vesa driver is used in Xorg.

I cannot try to compile the Ati catalyst driver, as I would need the kernel source for this.
Barry, can you upload a kernel sfs, please?
Even, if you still plan further tweaks for the final release.
But from Ultrapup I know, that the catalyst drivers might require to set an option in the kernel config, so I really would like to test, if your config is compatible with catalyst.

3.) Another note:
In Puppybrowser, if you click at bottom on the button "open bookmarks for embedded code", nothing happens.
There is missing this file from the embeddedbookmarks pet:

4.) nicoedit is not set to "open as text" in roxfiler (no editor opens).


Posted on 15 Aug 2009, 21:17 by MU
medit-nicoedit bugs
ok, also the "edit" icon on the desktop does not work for me.
Hmm.. it runs defaulttexteditor.
That runs "medit".
If I run that in console, I get a segmentation fault.

Ok, so I edit defaulttexteditor in nicoedit, and replace "medit" with "nicoedit".
But when I save, it changes the pemissions of defaulttexteditor to "not executable"!

So I type:
chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/defaulttexteditor
Then everything works as expected.

Nico should change, that permissions are not altered, when you save.


Posted on 15 Aug 2009, 22:55 by MU
devx bug
ok, found the kernel source sfs in an older message.
But I encounter this bug:
I create a savefile, and reboot.
Everything ok.
But when I reboot, noww this the devx copied to /mnt/home (so that it gets mounted), then this bug occurs:
# cd /lib
# ls
Segmentation fault

# cd /initrd/pup_ro4/lib
# ls
Segmentation fault

This strange behaviour also crashes Muppy-Filer, when I install and use it.

Also strange: Rox-Filer IS able, to display the folders...

There are further strange effects, e.g. the kernel source gets mounted in /initrd/pup_ro_5, but is not visible in /usr/src.

The md5sums of iso and devx are correct.

Posted on 15 Aug 2009, 22:59 by ttuuxxx
default imageviewer
I Mark/Mu I take it that the default image-viewer is you creation, I haven't tried this latest release but the last one it was in and If so could you please fix the default sizing, when you click on icons 16x16 they automatically get blown-up to at least 512x512 and they aren't very viewable at that size, It you click on a 16x16 image it should display at 16x16, if you click on a 48x48 it should display at 48x48. Other than that it a real nice viewer, Thanks and excellent work.

Posted on 15 Aug 2009, 23:09 by MU
bootmanager bug
when I remove the devx in the bootmanager, and uncheck the "ignore" checkbox, it still gets loaded after a reboot.
I had to rename it.
Now, with the devx not loaded, I also can successfully run
# cd /lib
# ls

ok, can have a look, but not before next weekend.

Posted on 15 Aug 2009, 23:19 by MU
ls bug found (locale)
# cd /mnt/home
# ls
Segmentation fault
# echo $LANG
# export LANG=en_US
# ls
now all is shown.

So there must be a problem with the glibc language files.

Are the /usr/lib/locale from the same glibc that Puppy actually uses?
The problem also occurs, if I activate "utf-8" in chooselocale.

Wait, this works, too:
export LANG=de_DE
export LC_ALL=en_US

So it is a problem with LC_ALL.


Posted on 15 Aug 2009, 23:45 by Lobster
play and play
Regarding links to "play and play", I don't know what they are. Recently I was looking at a new site with gtk, jwm themes and background images for Puppy --but now I don't recall the URL -- zigbert is associated with that site?

this one?

Posted on 16 Aug 2009, 2:17 by playdayz
playdayz wrote:
would it be possible to include libshadowfb.so with the basic Puppy? It is included in xorg_xorg_full; it is necessary for the two virtualizers vmware and virtualbox to use their own video drivers. If it is present in /usr/X11R7/lib/xorg/modules then vmware works out of the box with its own vmware_drv (which is included in the basic Puppy). thanks

You might want to ask Barry that at his blog also Smile

Posted on 16 Aug 2009, 3:01 by MU
success - catalyst
Ati catalyst driver works, see:



Posted on 16 Aug 2009, 4:47 by playdayz
mighty Puppy Rulez
I like Mighty Puppy!

Posted on 16 Aug 2009, 7:26 by PathFinder_Cate
Linux Kernel Bug
Did you see this item at linuxpromagazine.com http://www.linuxpromagazine.com/Online/News/Kernel-Bug-Lay-Undiscovered-for-Eight-Years ?

Posted on 16 Aug 2009, 8:03 by disciple
Linux Kernel Bug
> A precondition, however, is that the attacker already has code modification privileges as user, which precludes any remote attack possibilities.

Given that Puppy always runs as root anyway, maybe it isn't an issue here :)

Posted on 16 Aug 2009, 8:33 by BarryK
4.3 bug reports
Guys, could you please post bug reports to the forum thread. It various advantages, such as attachments, quotations, organisation into pages.


Ttuuxxx, thanks I found Deajan's theme site:


MU, if the directory in the sfs file is hidden, go into /initrd and enable viewing hidden files. Look at /initrd/pup_rw/usr/src -- perhaps there is a unionfs hidden file that blocks lower levels.

Posted on 16 Aug 2009, 8:41 by BarryK
thanks for your response to. Ah, puppy-look.tk is the same site, created by Dejan.
I'll put the link into the 4.3 announcement.

Posted on 16 Aug 2009, 10:04 by MU
the kernelsource now gets mounted correctly.
I think this happened:
I had run the ati-installer.
It placed a folder in /usr/src/.
THEN I recognized, I'd need the kernel-source, and added it.
It then was not layered correctly, as there already was a folder.
Seem to be the old nasty unionfs issues again. Very bad, that we have no aufs in this pup :(
Like this, also the .wh files become an issue again.
And after a freeze (caused by an incomplete driver installation), I had many broken entries in /dev after a reboot, that could even not be solved by an automatic "e2fsck -p". Had to run e2fsck manually to fix those entries.

But the puplet is extremely snappy. Unbelievable, how fast petget installs even large pets!
Very impressive!

Ok, time for a chicken ;-)

Posted on 16 Aug 2009, 10:32 by BarryK
re whiteout files
Actually, the problem that you reported with /us/src is not supposed to be happening anymore, unionfs or aufs.
Whenever there is a change of unionfs/aufs layers, there is checking in both the init script and /etc/rc.d/rc.update that all lower layers are visible on top. Whiteout files that might hide a lower layer are deleted.
I haven't looked at that code for a very long time, perhaps it needs to be looked through again.

Posted on 17 Aug 2009, 3:53 by puppymike
pNetHood cifs now ok
Hi Barry

Just tested your pNMethood with the updated script with "echo 0 > /proc/fs/cifs/LinuxExtensionsEnabled" you made to solve my samba LANdisk problem. It works just great. Many thanks

Rgds Mike

Posted on 17 Aug 2009, 3:59 by puppymike
Same situation as I have reported in the previous versions of "4.3" in that in AlsaMixer there is no master volume slider.

Rgds Mike

Posted on 17 Aug 2009, 4:24 by puppymike
Works just great for the wifi on my EeePC901.


Posted on 20 Aug 2009, 7:33 by jeffrey
works for me
Thanks, Barry. Everything in 4.3 that I tested (which was a pretty cursory test) worked fine on my old Asus 700MHz machine.