Satellite connection

The technician has just left. He replaced the old dish with a bigger one, and replaced the ViaSat LinkStar S2 transceiver unit with a very nice ipstar unit (Satellite Terminal IPX-3200) -- the old one has a noisy fan, the ipstar has passive cooling.

My connection is 512KB/sec download, 256KB/sec up, 2GB monthly limit plus another 2GB off-peak, AU$39.96 per month. I'm signed up with Skymesh,

The installer guy has left behind the old hardware. I wonder if something can be done with the old dish and ViaSat? ...hmmm, TV?

Posted on 21 Aug 2009, 14:26


Posted on 21 Aug 2009, 15:33 by lobster
Yeti again
I am pleased for you. It will make a huge difference. Will your first usa be uploading beta 2 or perhaps trying out the cloud

I am not sure if a usage meter is available for Puppy? it must be - somewhere. That would be useful no doubt :)

I was very excited when we got broadband (3 hardwired computers and two wifi connections including the wii) Then you just get used to it and find that a computer without the web feels like only a 10% efficient computer.

Posted on 21 Aug 2009, 15:44 by terrier
I've been with with Skymesh a couple of months now, they seem pretty good. There were other providers that gave you half price for 6 months on a 2-year contract and they still worked out more expensive over the time per gb than Skymesh. Good luck with it. The ipstar link doesn't seem to drop out too badly under weather.

Posted on 21 Aug 2009, 16:54 by 01micko
go on then..
You are the electronics engineer.... Do it!


Posted on 21 Aug 2009, 22:32 by noob
has more info about DVB-S than the english Version:

(there are even technical links at the bottom)

Perhaps babelfish will not mess up the info too much:

About Antennas, have you seen this?

thanks for puppy

Posted on 22 Aug 2009, 3:30 by edoc
Free Satellite Feeds
I was aware of C-band satellite feeds that were free (non-scrambled) and interesting but that they were fewer and fewer in number.

Not sure of other satellites nor if any of the programming, like most of what is broadcast anywhere, is worth the time to access.

Great to hear that you have higher-speed access at home and really looking forward to 4.3Beta2 & Final.

Posted on 22 Aug 2009, 24:29 by Gedrean
Now is that KiloBYTES (as in 1024 bytes to 1 kilobyte) or KiloBITS (as in 8 bits to 1 byte)?

and if that's KiloBytes, it'll take you maybe a day to hit that limit. ;)

Seriously, what is it with Aus/Euro broadband and seriously restrictive limits?

Posted on 23 Aug 2009, 8:37 by BarryK
Satellite speed
I'm signed up for their STAR4 plan, which is 512KB/sec down, 256KB/sec up (yes, that's bytes!), at AU$39.95 per month.

They offer 1024/512 for AU$44.95 (STAR6).

Their maximum speed plans state that it can be up to 4096/2048 but it depends where abouts you are in Australia. The ipstar satellite is pretty high in the sky where I am, so perhaps I could go for this one.
The MAX3 plan with 2GB/2GB limits per month costs AU$59.95.

The off-peak allowance is between 11pm - 1pm AEST, which is pretty good (9pm - 11am where I am).

Their absolute top plan is MAX6, 3GB/6GB, $AU84.95.

All the plans have shaping to dialup speed if you exceed monthly limit, so you don't get any nasty surprises.