I decided to test the kernel, see if the multisession problem using cdrkit or cdrtools is fixed. Yes it is!

I have tested a CD-R and a DVD-R, multisession works fine.

As I have reached 4.3beta1, I don't want to make any fundamental changes. But, this is extremely tempting...

I patched the kernel with aufs2 (cvs 20090831) and it no longer supports unionfs compatibility-mode. Meaning, the whiteout files have different names. This affects a lot of scripts, such as snapmergepuppy, savesession-dvd, init, rc.update. I'm reluctant to make fundamental underlying changes at this stage, but I'll check it out, might not be potentially troublesome.

I'll examine the situation for the whiteout files this afternoon. Also I'll compile some more 3rd party drivers.

Note, I only did three patches to the kernel. The loglevel patch, aufs2, and an ALSA patch provided by rerwin.

Posted on 2 Sep 2009, 11:19


Posted on 2 Sep 2009, 11:40 by dogone
kernel change
I figure that at the beta stage, it's completely up to the devs (you). No one has data (or should not) riding on beta1 so a kernel change burdens only the guy implementing it. In short, at this stage you owe
nothin' to nobody. If you believe is better for 430, go for it. If you decide it's better left to 440, that's fine also.

In either case, do not feel rushed of hurried. That's the one mistake I wish you not to make. Slow and easy makes the grade.

Posted on 2 Sep 2009, 11:53 by edoc
Better Better Than Sooner?
As anxious as I am for 4.3beta2, and 4.3final, I agree that taking an extra day or three to make things better is better than rushing to meet a suggested day (yesterday?) for release and missing a valuable opportunity to improve things.


He who breaks code faster than a speeding Dalmation ...

Posted on 2 Sep 2009, 15:03 by zigbert
Burniso2cd, Pburn and
Your last 2.6.30.x kernel also fixed the bug which forces reload of CD/DVD to check its content/md5sum. would improve verifying in both burniso2cd and Pburn.

Are you aware of that Pfind has reached 4.14 which solves some minor bugs and excludes /sys/ from default searchpath. disciple had problem with this in combination with wine (wasn't it wine?).


Posted on 2 Sep 2009, 15:15 by happypuppy
Yay! Go for it,Barry!

k2.6.30.5 is a much better choice than

- less bugs and other problems
- faster and snappier on old and new hardware
- uses less RAM and CPU (better memory management and verious optimisations)
- more drivers, more compatible with laptops, better support for Intel and ATI graphics chips

Posted on 2 Sep 2009, 16:15 by Tony
Modern Kernel please
Hi Barry, please could I ask for the latest kernel. I tend to have modern hardware (Low energy environmentally friendly MD etc) and have problems with older kernels.
I want to use Puppy because it is so responsive.
Also I have a wretched Intel graphics chip and only get a half reasonable response with latest kernel etc through Sidux.
Many thanks

Posted on 2 Sep 2009, 18:40 by Leon kernel please
Or, at least you might upload a next beta with one additional version with kernel so we can try it.

Posted on 2 Sep 2009, 19:13 by lobster kernel please
I seem to remember the k2.6.30.5 was used in one of the Alphas - and it did seem noticeably faster as reported

Posted on 2 Sep 2009, 20:47 by Tony kernel please
Hi, yes I remember testing and thinking it was a lot more responsive.

Posted on 2 Sep 2009, 23:41 by PaulBx1
Two options
It seems you have three options.

1) Move your release schedule back a ways, spend time going through some more preliminary testing on the new kernel.

2) Just dump it on us and let us see if we can find serious problems.

3) Stick with the older kernel with known problems.

Thing is, if 1 or 2 find problems even worse than known in 3, then you will have difficulty figuring out what to do. Are you a gambler? :-)

Don't let us rush you or anything. It's not like it's horrible living with 412 or 421 for a couple more weeks. I actually like 412 very much.

Posted on 2 Sep 2009, 23:46 by PaulBx1
Never mind
I just realized you have to recompile everything.

Posted on 3 Sep 2009, 6:33 by playdayz
no hurry
no hurry, we will live with it for quite a while, waiting makes it more of an event ;-)