I have uploaded the patched source and 3rd-party modules here:


The PET package that is used in Woof to build a puppy is here:


There are some more 3rd-party modules that could be compiled. I was unable to compile these:

acx wireless driver
linux-wlan-ng wireless, USB module only
536/537 modem
ess modem

Rerwin said that he would investigate compiling the Intel 536/537 drivers.
Regarding linux-wlan-ng, the hostap drivers already in the kernel supercede that, but I think the USB module in linux-wlan-ng is still required?

Posted on 2 Sep 2009, 22:52


Posted on 18 Jan 2010, 5:42 by James L.Dean
User and password?

What user and password do I use to read
http://puppylinux.com/sources/kernel- ?

Posted on 18 Jan 2010, 7:44 by BarryK
Username and password
Username: pupÂpy
Password: linÂux

...slightly obfuscated.