423: Packages upgraded

Trio's JWM Theme Maker to 1.4
Zigbert's Pburn CD/DVD burner to 3.0.3
Zigbert's Pfind file finder to 4.14
Tasmod's Psync time server synchronizer to 1.0
Trio's You2pup youtube downloader to 1.3-1

Posted on 4 Sep 2009, 8:11


Posted on 4 Sep 2009, 8:21 by trio
pstreamvid patch

Please remember pstreamvid patch.


Posted on 4 Sep 2009, 16:04 by BarryK
Pstreamvid patch
I have applied trio's patch for Pstreamvid, to work with Gxine 0.5.9.
The pet package is now 'pstreamvid-1.3-1.pet'.