KolibriOS: a tiny operating system

Wow, this has stirred up some memories! See the feature story in this week's Distrowatch News:


Here is the KolibriOS home:


KolibriOS is written in x86 32-bit assembly language and is a fork of MenuetOS. Back in 2002 I was involved with MenuetOS, and still have a web page:


What about the original MenuetOS project? Yes, it is still going:


Fascinating! It's a great little OS, of course has extreme hardware compatibility limitations, and is reinventing the wheel, but it's design is so satisfying from the point of view of the tiny size and extreme speed and efficiency.

Posted on 5 Sep 2009, 9:48


Posted on 5 Sep 2009, 10:36 by joe
I saw that and gave it a look, very fast, no browser, so not something I could use, but it does something Puppy doesn't do, it shuts down my computer all the way,tried all the work arounds to no avail with Puppy , also DSL shuts it down properly but I love Puppy and I will gladly live with it. THANKS joe

Posted on 5 Sep 2009, 15:50 by 01micko
Kilibrios? 486?
I have tried many systems on my 486 from bl2 to Puppy3 and the best has been big_bass fat_free-2.16-dillo. A close runner up is Barry's build from woof a couple of months ago, definitely the most complete.

Realistically, you don't need printing from a 486 if it is to be used in this day and age. All modern printers are usb anyway. Any thing needing printing could be uploaded to another machine on the lan.

I found the most successful browsers to be elinks and/or links. They both run in and outside of X so they are versatile. I think they can both download too, a limitation of dillo, where wget is needed to download stuff.

Certainly a 486 should fly with Kilibrios. I might give it a spin. It would certainly be useful if a browser could be installed. We'll see.

Thanks Barry

Posted on 5 Sep 2009, 17:55 by magerlab
some of Kolibri maitainers live in Kazan, Russia. i.e. the place i live:)
interesting project, but needs applications to run though
if they port any browser to assembler ....

Posted on 5 Sep 2009, 19:01 by headfound
warning - eats crt monitors!
I'm sure it was my fault for not following things correctly but when i tired kolibri a few years ago, it blew two crt monitors because it set the frequency/refresh way too high. Shame because it was an interesting os but having a sheet of flame shoot from the back of a monitor kind of puts you off!

Posted on 5 Sep 2009, 21:22 by adi
I tied to boot this os on my computer but I didn't find enough information on Kolibri site. What does mean floppy emulation in nero? I didn't guess...

Posted on 20 Oct 2009, 6:59 by mmmrr
i was/am so impressed with processing power on the point of a pin==menuet/kolibrios

wondered about using it as the front end/switching mechanism//troubleshooter for an iso that was able to boot different os's as well as diff flavours...
seemed like it might be possible for men/koli to split yr display with a different os in each section

i dropped into the archive looking for the post, barry, where i thought i remembered reading about a puppy port to ppc being a possible post 218 activity???--my ears went up because i think those
older macs/apples such as the clamshell ibook would really be a grand puppy run

cheers, thanks, mm