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I'm posting this here, as the main forum is down.

Nicholas has created a "code generator" for Genie. What it does is translate a simplified pseudo-code into Genie code.

If the forum was working, you could download it. Maybe it will come-good soon.

Anyway, to compile it in 4.3beta1 or beta2 requires a couple of modifications:

Build it:

# ./waf configure
# ./waf build

The configure step reports that Vala compiler 0.7.5 or later is required. Puppy only has 0.7.4. However I edited 'wscript' so that it would accept 0.7.4, and it compiles.

However at the second step it was unable to find the gee header files. They are at /usr/include/gee-1.0/gee. So, I created a link:

# ln -s gee-1.0/gee /usr/include/gee

The idea is interesting. If this pseudo-code is simple yet capable, and well documented, then it would make it easy to get into creating Genie apps.

Posted on 6 Sep 2009, 9:09


Posted on 6 Sep 2009, 12:17 by lobster
code and chips
Download it genie code here: (seems downloads working)

Posted on 6 Sep 2009, 15:11 by wuxiandianzi
Hi,my teacher;
I found a bug in puppy4.3beta2:nathan wallpaper setter in the Menu---Desktop can not run, so I can not change the wallpaper.
I do not known what's wrong, I have changed the default.jpg in /usr/share/backgrouds/ and /usr/share/backgrouds_original/ but it is also can not run, when I restart X ,the file that I have changed still be the first one!

Posted on 8 Sep 2009, 2:20 by Nicolas
Code generator
Hi all,

New version of Genie-Vala Code Creator.

* I added the ability to create code in vala ! *

Download it here:

Special thanks to Barry who created this page


Posted on 8 Sep 2009, 7:48 by BarryK
4.3beta2 bug reports
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