FLAC, MP4 player

As requested, I have added mime-type handling for .flac audio files.
The handler for ROX-Filer is /root/Choices/MIME-types/audio_x-flac and will launch the audio file with 'defaultaudioplayer' (currently Aqualung).

Coolpup has been urging me to add mime-type handling for .mp4 video files.
Puppy already has /root/Choices/MIME-types/audio_mp4 (.m4a files) which will launch 'defaultaudioplayer'.
The MIME mechanism already recognises a .mp4 video file as video/mp4, so I have created /root/Choices/MIME-types/video_mp4 which will launch 'defaultmediaplayer' (currently Gxine).

Note that /usr/share/mime/globs already has:


Posted on 7 Sep 2009, 15:58

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