Hewlett Packard drivers

Thanks to MU (Mark) who created these packages. I will be placing them in the official Puppy4 repo at ibiblio.org, as it is reported to work in 4.3beta2.

These provide more complete support for HP printers and scanners than the SANE and Gutenprint drivers builtin to Puppy.

The packages will be named 'hpliplite-3.9.8-mu-p4.pet' and 'libnetsnmp-15-mu-p4' -- the latter is a required dependency.

Posted on 8 Sep 2009, 18:09


Posted on 9 Sep 2009, 7:50 by MU
not me :)
the credits go to lluamco, who works on the hp packs since a very long time already.
See his thread here:

I just host them.


Posted on 9 Sep 2009, 8:39 by BarryK
HP drivers
Ah, yes! Thanks lluamco!