Ttuuxxx has created a lovely little PET package for generating md5 and sha1 hashes (these are signatures that we use to verify integrity of a file).

Ttuuxx has also integrated it into ROX-Filer so that for .pet, .tar.bz2, .iso, .tar.gz and .sfs files there is an entry in the right-click menu to launch Gtkhash.

This will be in 4.3beta3.

Ttuuxxx's forum post:

Gtkhash home:

Posted on 8 Sep 2009, 18:52


Posted on 9 Sep 2009, 2:50 by happypuppy
Great stuff :)
Now please add HTop as well. This little app was also in Puppy 4.2.1
It's more useful than Pprocess and Top combined.

Posted on 9 Sep 2009, 5:47 by dogone
Please add...
With respect, let's not distract Barry with last minute requests for tools easily available via PPM. We each have our favorites, but at this late stage Barry has to focus on show stoppers (bugs) and stability. Once 4.3 is final we can each install our favorites and suggest they be included in the next Puppy release.

Posted on 9 Sep 2009, 8:50 by BarryK
Smaller Gtkhash?
A note, for ttuuxxx or anyone else interested.

Gtkhash is an executable (31KB) and a library libmhash (27KB), also gui.xml (27KB).
I know that's pretty small, but busybox has md5sum, sha256sum and sha512sum applets, so in theory we could write a tiny gtkdialog-based GUI that would be about 1KB. It can support drag-and-drop also.

Posted on 9 Sep 2009, 11:49 by broomdodger
Smaller Gtkhash?
I have added these to my .bashrc:

alias sha1='/usr/bin/openssl sha1 '
alias md5='/usr/bin/openssl md5 '

Posted on 9 Sep 2009, 24:21 by ttuuxxx
Hi The full version of gtkhash does around 20 different hashes, but I removed them all in the compile. I also in the past during the 4.2 build for someone to possibly build a small gui like gtkhash, but nobody answered the call, and the smallest version of gtkhash at the time was a bit over 200kb pet, Thats before I noticed the options in ./configure script in libhash :)
Anyways I'm happy any which way it goes, Its just nice to have the right click option in rox, I also have right click options in rox for xfburn, If i rt click on a iso image, I can burn iso image, or erase cd/rw dvd/rw or gtkhash :)
No menus needed. maybe a future addon for pfind?