Default image viewer

I have changed the default image viewer to Viewnior, instead of MU's Pictureviewer.

Pictureviewer is still in Puppy, as MU's PuppyBrowser needs it, due to it's drag-and-drop capability.

But now, click on any image in Rox, and it will launch in Viewnior.

Note, I have stayed with Viewnior v0.6. The latest version is 0.7 which introduces image cropping, however I'm really not so sure that I want the image viewer to have editing capabilities.

Posted on 9 Sep 2009, 8:07


Posted on 9 Sep 2009, 9:46 by dogone
Viewnior editing
A good call. "If Viewnior can crop, why can't it..." See the problem? MTPaint to the rescue.