425: testing USB Flash booting

One or two people reported difficulty booting from USB Flash, for 4.3beta1/2.

I used the Universal Installer, installed to 1GB Kingston DataTraveler drive with vfat partition. Works. Then installed to a 2GB DataTraveler with ext2 partition. Works also.

I ran the BootFlash program and chose the default 'USB-HDD' install option. Installed to the 1GB DataTraveler. The BootFlash utility reformats the drive with a vfat partition. Works.

Posted on 14 Sep 2009, 10:46


Posted on 14 Sep 2009, 11:51 by 01micko
works here
Just tested the bootflash util and I am now posting from lexar 4gig firefly drive on the son's r31e lenovo thinkpad, 2 gig celeron, 2 gig ram, um faster than a rocket! All works ootb, sound onboard wireless etc. Perhaps some of the IBM features too, I'll see...yep, just did an lsmod and all the thinkpad_acpi stuff is there.

Posted on 14 Sep 2009, 13:21 by Robert Wishlaw
Cold Boot on No USB Bios
Hi Barry:

I have burned a 425 CD and installed to a flash drive plugged into a no USB bios machine. The pup_save file is detected and loaded from the USB and all is working as expected.

By the way, I like the new wallpaper. It reminds me of the work of the artist Peter Max. Retro psychedelic.

Thank you.

Robert Wishlaw

Posted on 14 Sep 2009, 14:06 by 01micko
Robert, there is a program that boots from floppy called "plop" that will boot a usb drive when there is no bios support. It is on the slitaz boot disk. (er sorry 'bout that!)

BarryK, I forgot to mention too that I did usb installs to an SD card formatting with ext2 in beta 2, ran fine on my eeepc 701sd, and the aforementioned firefly usb stick with fat 32, both from universal installer.

Posted on 18 Sep 2009, 8:31 by mysticmarks
no xorgwiz on usb
xorg fails from 4.3 final usb install.