Sweep vs mhWaveEdit

Charlie6 asked the question, how to record in mhWaveEdit.

I have taken a quick look, it doesn't seem very intuitive or flexible.

Maybe I should change to mhWaveEdit?

Posted on 14 Sep 2009, 20:13


Posted on 14 Sep 2009, 21:43 by lobster
mhWaveEdit is more intuitive than sweep
I have used it successfully in the past
but could never record with sweep

at the moment can not record with anything but I feel this is hardware not supported in kernel

Posted on 14 Sep 2009, 22:07 by dogone
restore mhWaveEdit
While sweep has many useful features, mhWaveEdit is more intuitive and better suited to most Puppy users (recording with the latter is easy and flexible). I vote we return to mhWaveEdit and offer sweep as a .pet

Posted on 15 Sep 2009, 7:58 by cjp
Sweep Recording
By trial and error I found that to record in Sweep one must first choose "Select All" from the menu; then it seems to allow recording.
mhWaveEdit is somewhat simpler, although it sometimes refuses to record as well. ( Probably sound card problems...?)

Posted on 15 Sep 2009, 8:40 by jamesbond
I would prefer sweep as it has more editing functionalities.