Network Wizard upgrade

Tempestuous provided updated and new firmware for the kernel, then discovered that the Network Wizard also needs to be upgraded.

4.3beta3 has Dougal's Network Wizard dated 4th April 2009. I have inserted the following line into /usr/sbin/, at line 322:

ar9170usb|at76c50x-usb|libertas_cs|libertas_sdio|libertas_tf_usb|mwl8k|usb8xxx) CARD_WPA_DRV="wext" ;; #v430

I have named the upgraded Wizard as ''.

Posted on 16 Sep 2009, 20:00


Posted on 17 Sep 2009, 13:42 by mysticmarks
off beat had to share

So this is and absolute bargain! I had to share this.