pup-430.iso re-uploaded

Here I am, out of bed at 1.15am again.

'pup-430.iso' has finished uploading.

I decided a new strategy is needed for uploading, so I named the file pup-430.isoTEMP then uploaded it, then named it back.

Yeah Sage, the iso is now 105.1MB. That's how big the 537 modules were -- added 5MB onto the iso!

I'm currently re-uploading the split files, and haven't yet checked the md5sum of 'pup-430.iso'. It should be:


Posted on 19 Sep 2009, 2:20


Posted on 19 Sep 2009, 6:03 by Raffy
Why re-upload
Just linking from here to inform readers why the ISO was re-uploaded: please see http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=01097

Posted on 19 Sep 2009, 8:53 by deNirosss
downloaded propperly :p
Just downloaded it. MD5sum is OK. it's burning as I type :p

Thanks for giving us this 4.3 release. Must be stressfull when thinking you released 4.3, and then finding out there where some problems with modules. Also, your inet connection is not ideal.

I know you are a workaholic or at least very determined to release yet another milestone version of puppy, but get some real 7 hours (in a row) sleep.

Congrats, and again, thanks a lot!! Because I really love puppy linux. I'm going to reboot in the new 4.3 now. :p

Posted on 19 Sep 2009, 12:23 by Sage
New upload
We all appreciate dedication. However, deNirosss is not correct. Folks with higher IQ s need more than the healthy mean of 8hrs sleep - the brain is a massive consumer of body energy. The problem for those over 60, however, is that the last two hours of REM sleep is difficult to achieve in a serial operation. Not to worry, there are three, not one, natural sleeping periods for higher primates. Retirees who have the option should consider taking their main meal at lunchtime/midday, long advocated by the medics, and taking some of the 'missing' sleep period afterwards. There seems to be general agreement that this pattern is the preferred model for best physical and mental health as well as longevity.

Posted on 19 Sep 2009, 12:25 by Sage
Intel modules
As I said before, folks dumb enough to choose WinIntel products deserve all they get.

Posted on 20 Sep 2009, 11:55 by broomdodger
Foxit Reader crash
Tried Foxit pet again with Puppy 430 final... same crash opening a pdf.
Then... I downloaded Foxit 1.1 from Foxit Software Company with the same result. Foxit Reader starts, can access all menus and preferences but it crashes when opening a pdf.
I wrote to tech support.
I tried the same download Foxit 1.1 with Ubuntu 8.10 kernel and it works.
Something missing from Puppy?

Posted on 20 Sep 2009, 12:16 by broomdodger
Dropping out to initial-ramdisk
I have been busy installing Puppy on all machines I have and all the ones I have given away.

Today tried a Sharp PC-PJ2-S2 with Japanese characters on the keyboard, running Windows 2000, 4GBHD, 64MB ram, 11 inch color LCD (three dead pixels), predates netbooks by years!

Both initrd.gz and vmlinuz load from the external CD but then...

Searching for Puppy files in computer disk drives...
pup-430.sfs not found.
Dropping out to initial-ramdisk console...
/bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off

I tried 430, 430 small, 430 scsi, even 218 all the same.

I tried copying pup-430.sfs to the internal harddrive, still cannot find pup-430.sfs and stops.

Any ideas?

This is the only machine I have had any problem with Puppy 430.

Posted on 20 Sep 2009, 19:01 by ttuuxxx
Hi broomdodger as foxit read goes, the last one which worked with puppy is 1.0, then they came out with 1.1, That version is not compatible with puppy, it uses gnutils where puppy uses openssl, plus a few other libs, I've been in close contact with the developers of Foxit reader from the start and they are looking into it for the next release.
This is the last working 2MB version that works on 4.30 http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=41521

Posted on 21 Sep 2009, 2:28 by broomdodger
foxit 1.1 24bit color fixes
Thank you ttuuxxx for the suggestion
Foxit 1.0 quits the same as Foxit 1.1
On ttuuxxx' page to download Foxit was this message from MrToad:
Just in case anyone else finds Foxit vanishes after trying to load a file...
I changed my Xorg colour depth from 16 bits to 24 bits and everything was then fine.

I had the same happy result even with Foxit 1.1
It works! when color depth is set to 24-bits

Posted on 22 Sep 2009, 9:48 by broomdodger
Linux-swap with 64MB RAM
Sharp PC-PJ2-S2 with Japanese characters on the keyboard, running Windows 2000, 300MHz, 4GB HD, 64MB RAM, 11 inch color LCD (three dead pixels), predates netbooks by years!

I guess the problem was the external cd interface not recognized.

I removed the harddrive, mounted in another PC, installed Puppy430 small, and now connected writing this.

This little PC has only 64MB RAM and SeaMonkey would freeze, I added a Linux-swap partition and now everything works, slowly when swapping.

Any recommendations about the size of a Linux-swap? I made it 256MB.

Posted on 23 Sep 2009, 15:06 by Stev in Sweden
Which 4.3 is final? & where?
Puppy Rocks! Been looking forward to 4.3 and used the "Final" with SCSI and got Skype to work well with it, >but then Puppy got buggy. I read that the Big Puppy 4.3 had some troubles and was being reloaded. Has it been? Is it called 4.3 or 4.3.1? or? And where can I find it? I am running it on a 5 year-old off-brand notebook with an AMD Sempron

Posted on 25 Sep 2009, 3:04 by pslinux20
None of my sfs from 4.2 is working on 4.3 even after using the SFS converter given with 4.3
And hey, it refuses to remaster too. The script is not working beyond 3rd step.