Back home 4th Oct

Just to let everyone know.

I can't interact much on the Internet, as away from home. Working hard on other stuff, just doing a tiny bit of Puppy stuff.

I'll be home on the 4th October, will catch up with everything then, eager to get stuck into Puppy development again.

Have several CD orders, will post them tomorrow.

Posted on 28 Sep 2009, 19:19


Posted on 24 Sep 2009, 21:03 by anon-e-moose
You need one of these, Barry:

Posted on 26 Sep 2009, 21:43 by ttuuxxx
back home
Its always nice to take some time off, Hope you enjoyed it.
I came across a interesting calculator, it needed a few gnome deps but I messed around and managed to get it to compile without them :)
It could replace all the default Calculators in puppy, the pet size is 114kb
here's a link to where I compiled it for 2.14X
and the different feature modes are

Posted on 29 Sep 2009, 4:29 by GCMartin
Ohio Linux Festival last weekend
I had a chance to attend and was impressed with what several people had to say about Puppy. Someone even was using it for a forum presentation....Very Impressive.

Further, I learn a heck of a lot more about the Linux kernal and KVM. Linux is now poised for the greatest expansion of its history.

My current assessment:
1.If there is a "Live" distro that is capable of making it so easy for its community to grow, it is your version of the distros.
2. Your samll size and the speed of your distro is ideal for providing a "host" for KVM machines running from the desktop.
3. You have a problem with drivers that is solved by the standard imposed with VM (virtual machines)
4. Your development community will grow by leaps and bounds as they can easily build and contribute.
5. Your knowledge of Puppy, its design, and its direction can be easily understood and extended, if VM was a part of your implementation.

If you think this will help you you can find me on the forum.