OpenOffice, Anjuta SFSs on

I have uploaded Open Office 3.1.1 and Wosh's Anjuta 2.4.2 to here:

The Open Office SFS has Java, and if I've done it right the web browser Java-plugin should also be functional.

I posted about Wosh's Anjuta SFS here:

Note that the 'devx' SFS file is also required if you want to use Anjuta:

These links are all to "sfs4" (Squashfs version 4.0) files, for use with the kernel.

Posted on 2 Oct 2009, 4:51


Posted on 2 Oct 2009, 7:19 by clarf
frugal and zp430305.sfs problem
Hi Barry, Thanks for uploading Wosh´s SFS.

Talking about sfs files Barry.

I don´t know if you already know a big problem in frugal installations, when Puppy runs using a pupsave file you need to copy the zp430305.sfs where pup_430.sfs file is located. If not all the modules are lost in successive boots.

From the bug report thread:

Posted on 2 Oct 2009, 8:12 by Raffy
Forum Thread
Forum discussion here:

Posted on 2 Oct 2009, 19:09 by Raffy mirror
It looks like was not able to fully mirror the sfs as the sizes are still below what they should be after almost 12 hours.

Posted on 4 Oct 2009, 7:14 by Raffy
Unsuccessful use?
Two guys have reported unsuccessful use of the OpenOffice sfs4 package. One is at the forum thread and the other is at the news site:

Am downloading it now from ibiblio for my own test.

The problem with incompletely uploaded files remained at so I have removed its URL from the news article.

Posted on 4 Oct 2009, 8:40 by BarryK
Open Office SFS
Yes, it would probably be good to emphasise that people must check the md5sum after downloading. The comment posted to that link indicates a bad download.

Posted on 4 Oct 2009, 18:26 by zygo
slow but sure
Firstly check the size on the mirror is that stated at ibiblio then leave PC on for 7 hours overnight downloading.

Posted on 5 Oct 2009, 16:59 by Ramachandran
I have downloaded the open office sfs file put it mnt/home. However, the same is not working. On clicking the SFS file it shows mounting. But nothing happens. I have tried system-boot manager.However, it showing no sfs in mnt/home ! What to do