Ayttm 0.6.0-8

Technosaurus has compiled the latest from revision control. Thanks also to Michalis:


I have upgraded to technosaurus' package.

Note to technosaurus: You need to include the *.la files in /usr/lib/ayttm. Ayttm needs them to recognise the plugins. At least, it used to.
And of course, if you were making an official package to replace mine, you would have to include the 'pinstall.sh' script.

Posted on 10 Oct 2009, 8:17


Posted on 10 Oct 2009, 22:28 by BarryK
Ayttm from git
I got 0.6.0-7 out of git, compiled it, that is now the official package for 4.3.1.

Posted on 10 Oct 2009, 22:36 by BarryK
Ayttm 0.6.0-9
Oh, it's 0.6.0-9.