4.x plans

I plan to upload 4.3.1-release-candidate in a couple of days.

There are still some issues in 4.3 that are not resolved, so don't expect miracles, but also there are a lot of bugs fixed.

The idea of the release-candidate is to check that none of my "fixes" broke something else. If there's nothing dumb in it, or something is found that I can readily fix, then the final should hopefully follow a few days later.

Then I'm going back to Woof and working on the GUI plus various usability enhancements.

Technosaurus will be full steam ahead on 4.4... which leads me to technosaurus' initiative, to put Puppy development onto google:


...check it out, give feedback to technosaurus.

Posted on 10 Oct 2009, 16:14


Posted on 10 Oct 2009, 20:38 by grumpywolfe13
Loking fward to gui
I have enjoyed working with the woof build system and look forward to t he gui and will try it out the day you get it done.

Posted on 14 Oct 2009, 11:11 by SouthPaws1
Hey, Barry... check this out, you might find this interesting.


Posted on 14 Oct 2009, 15:34 by BarryK
Thanks for that info, I've posted about it: