431 release candidate soon

I'm uploading it now. I was putting it together about 1am, but so tired I was making mistakes... I think I built the iso ok, started the upload then went to bed. Now it's 6am, still uploading.

I'll let you know when it's done. Still another 4 - 5 hours.

I'll also prepare the Service Pack for 430 today.

Posted on 11 Oct 2009, 6:39


Posted on 11 Oct 2009, 8:04 by BarryK
Testing 431rc
I'm playing with 4.3.1-release-candidate. The PPM is working nicely, really beautiful to use.

I tested installing Sylpheed 2.7.1. Have to get it from ibiblio as hasn't got through to the mirrors yet.
I wanted to see how nicely it handles the 'bogofilter' dependency -- yes, very nicely.

Still uploading. I'm running 431rc on another PC, has a wireless network card and I used ndiswrapper.

Posted on 11 Oct 2009, 8:18 by dogone
hot dog!
Er, I mean Hot Pup! Got to admit, I'm feeling very good about this one. My paws are crossed!

Posted on 11 Oct 2009, 9:35 by SouthPaws1
431 md5sum
Hey Barry I just finished downloading my copy...but what's the md5sum...

Also could you reset SouthPaws I can't remember my password for it...

Thanks in advance!

Posted on 11 Oct 2009, 9:43 by SouthPaws1
my md5sum
Here's the md5 I got...

Posted on 11 Oct 2009, 9:56 by BarryK
Not yet
The files are still uploading, md5sums.txt is not there yet. Anyway:

978a2350de980cd9d069dac8bc46893e pup-431.iso

...so the main live-cd file is available for download.

Note, when the files have uploaded, I'll be changing the name of the directory from puppy-4.3.1-UPLOADING to puppy-4.3.1-RELEASE-CANDIDATE, so that may break a download.

Not much longer to go anyway. I'll make an announcement.

Posted on 11 Oct 2009, 10:00 by BarryK
This blog does not have a facility to reset passwords. I would have to login to my website, find the file, download it, delete your entry then upload it.

Posted on 11 Oct 2009, 14:12 by lobster
Been using the 4.3.1 beta for about an hour (not yet officially available - but the download went OK - would advise waiting for directory name change)- Forgot to mention in the forum that my Open Office icons appeared on the desktop - welcome back :)

Also the boot appears to be faster? No idea how this is possible (maybe psychological because there are fewer command appearing during the booting)

Hope your back is better Barry :)
. . . off to do a little exercise for mine . . . mmm . . . tai chi or yoga or both . . . decisions, decisions

Many thanks