Puppy 4.3.1-RC2

Earlier today I was unable to login to ibiblio.org, so I uploaded the files to here:


Ah, uploads at 3 times the speed of ibiblio (30KB/sec compared with 10KB/sec)!

Just a minimum upload, only one ISO, kernel, no Intel 536/537 modules, 104MB.

I have also uploaded Woof, so anyone who is interested can try the new GUI.

Right now it is 6pm Wednesday October 14 here in Western Australia. I'll be busy with other stuff all day tomorrow, so about 24 hours from now I'll take a look at any feedback.

Note, I put in Ecube's Partview, although it does have a bug, doesn't run if no partitions are mounted. It only displays free space in mounted partitions, whereas my Partview in 4.3.1-RC1 displays free space in all partitions. Actually, it would be possible to extend Ecube's Partview to also display free space in unmounted partitions. My script is still there, renamed to 'partview_all'.

My previous blog post summarises the bugfixes:


Forum thread for feedback:


Posted on 14 Oct 2009, 18:06


Posted on 14 Oct 2009, 22:44 by lobster
Hi Barry - downloaded and running OK. I was keen to try the woof build system (separate download). Intuitively I started going through the tabs - but I was attempting a dpup build. Then I started reading it would take sevral hours and so abandoned BUT the interface makes the whole process potentially easier. Hope your back is less painful.

Posted on 14 Oct 2009, 24:06 by dogome
partview vs df
Partview's reported free space in both RC1 and RC2 does not agree with that returned by df. The difference is consistent for a given partition, but Partview's figures are 10 to 45% higher across partitions.

I've not yet identified a pattern to these differences and will test on more computers.

Posted on 14 Oct 2009, 24:07 by dogone
partview vs df
Partview's reported free space in both RC1 and RC2 does not agree with that returned by df. The difference is consistent for a given partition, but Partview's figures are 10 to 45% higher across partitions.

I've not yet identified a pattern to these differences and will test on more computers.

Posted on 15 Oct 2009, 2:33 by playdayz
much faster download than ibiblio
way much faster download too, 3x, limited by my connection to 600KBps.

observation, I had already updated my 4.3 with the 4.3.1rc1, and this time Puppy did not see rc2 as an upgrade--no problem, no worries, jus tinfo

Posted on 15 Oct 2009, 4:00 by ttuuxxx
Hi Barry I tried to bring over your latest partview to 2.14X, and well it didn't work out of the box, do you know roughly the dependencies needed for the new partview? over to 2 series? If you wanted to try out 2.14X its very stable now, still has a couple tiny bugs, but its well worth a download, The latest version is always found at page 1 top post http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=42553
It has a few unique features like the screenshot utility and also rt click options, like if you rt click on a iso, if you have a cdrw in the drive, you can just select burn iso. It will as you if you want to erase it, and just select yes, when its done quick formatting,then just click the refresh icon, and click burn and that's it :) 3 clicks :)
Well nice job on partview :)

Posted on 15 Oct 2009, 7:37 by Bill Yotter
430 sp2 remaster cd
From a linux novice... Remastering with v430sp2 installed fails. Workaround, copy files pup-431.sfs and initrd.qz from the unbootable cd into the new .iso file and then rename pup-431.sfs to pup-430.sfs. Burn the modified .iso file again and it will boot correctly and the help file now says Puppy Linux 431 with all the updates intact! This works for a bootable USB drive as well.

Posted on 15 Oct 2009, 11:07 by clarf
ttuuxxx, partview works fine in 2.14x. The "ppmtogif" file must be copied/updated from 4.3.1 and partview needs a little code modification just to read CD/DVD media devices in 2.14x. please see:



Posted on 15 Oct 2009, 12:44 by gposil
dpup482 update for 4.3.1
The next version of dpup482 includes support for the Slackware 13.0 archives .txz as well as .xz and tar.xz, so I put together a pet that will update both tar and add support for .txz, .xz and tar.xz in XArchive.


Barry, grab the bits you need from the pet.


Posted on 15 Oct 2009, 12:52 by Ramachandran
Woof Puppy
Dear Sir

Kindly provide latest Woof in ISO format. Then I can test it. I would like to install Latest Woof in machine. I don't know how to install woof.tar.gz.

Posted on 15 Oct 2009, 13:28 by dog2u
tapping on the touch pad doesnt work in 430 has this been fixed or noted?

Posted on 15 Oct 2009, 15:57 by zygo
use your woof

http://puppylinux.com/woof/ tells you how to use woof.tar.gz

Posted on 15 Oct 2009, 19:29 by ICPUG
Touchpad tapping

You must be new to Puppy. Tapping the touchpad has been switched off by default for many versions of Puppy.

It is possible to turn it on again - go here:


Posted on 15 Oct 2009, 23:57 by edoc
Disabled Touchpad Tap
Wow, I am no newcomer to Puppy but don't recall Puppy turning off the touchpad tap by default - this really should be an option under MENU under Mouse or a Touchpad area.

This is a valuable hardware feature that many of us use - disabling it and burying the toggle-on info in an obscure thread on a forum seems really user-unfriendly.


Posted on 16 Oct 2009, 11:46 by GCMartin
Disabled Touchpad Tap
Why would this be turned off? What would be the benefit of turning it off? Does it impact the system negatively somehow?


Posted on 16 Oct 2009, 12:29 by broomdodger
Disabled Touchpad Tap
I setup many old PCs. Some of the touch pads are so twitchy they are impossible to use with tap enabled. That would be very bad for a new Puppy user (who is also most probably a new Linux user), especially since single clicking open items is default.

I vote for the default Touchpad Tap to remain off.

Posted on 16 Oct 2009, 19:43 by ICPUG
Default Touchpad Tap
This has been discussed more than once so I - think the default is likely to remain as is - the reason was in the thread I quoted - did anyone bother to read it? While I prefer default ON, I can see the argument to keep the default OFF.

Edoc - you have indeed been around Puppy for a while. I guess you don't have a touchpad and don't bother to read other posts relating to touchpad problems. I agree it is not very good for the new user to have to find an obscure thread.

Personally I think there is a need for a FAQ that gets displayed when Puppy is run for the first time. The touchpad query certainly qualifies as frequently asked and should be answered in the FAQ! I also think it should be a Puppy Control Panel facility to turn it on or off - not having to edit the xorg config file manually.