Genie bugs reported

I'm working through my Genie web pages, updating them, and of course testing all the examples.

I am using vala from git, October 24, 2009.

Two of the examples (so far) do not compile and I have reported to the bugzilla:

Posted on 26 Oct 2009, 18:34


Posted on 26 Oct 2009, 20:57 by Caleb
Genie strings
Hi Barry,

While you're looking at your Genie web pages, there's a reference to a string function 'up' which converts a string to uppercase.

If the usage is supposed to be: up("string"), it does not work.

I get:
The name `up' does not exist in the context of `Tray.get_current'

That last bit is just a class and method I'm working on.

I'm using Vala 0.7.4. here.


Posted on 26 Oct 2009, 21:10 by Niko33
Bug N°1
Hi Barry,

If you have updated the libgee, the bug n°1 is not a bug, but a change in the lib !
Use this:



/* test dicts */
var d = new dict of string,string

/* add or change entries with following */
d["Genie"] = "Great"
d["Vala"] = "Rocks"

/* access entires using d[key] */
for s in d.keys
print "%s => %s", s, d[s]

See you,

Posted on 26 Oct 2009, 23:10 by clarf
hiawatha admin scripts
Hi Barry,

I donīt see any administrative command line for hiawatha in Puppy, then I requested for that feature in Hiawatha forum and the answer was:

"The Hiawatha source tarball comes with a start, stop, restart and status script. If Puppy didn't use it, it's not my fault."

Barry, Does Puppy has or not those scripts?. These command line parameters are not included in the hiawatha executable, but seems some scripts added in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ for some other distros. Could be those scripts included in Puppy?

To read my feature request post in haiwatha see:

Thank you,

Posted on 27 Oct 2009, 2:59 by Niko33
Genie strings

If you want to use this function, try this:



Posted on 27 Oct 2009, 6:47 by Caleb
Thanks Nicholas. I'm obviously getting tied-up in terminology.

I always think of a function as:

And I think of a method as:

That's where my mistake was.


Posted on 27 Oct 2009, 7:16 by BarryK
The most appropriate thing to do would have been to get the hiawatha pet pkg from ibiblio and see what is in it.

#> tar -zxf

...and you would have discovered /usr/sbin/

Posted on 27 Oct 2009, 7:20 by BarryK
Thanks for that! yes, I upgraded to the latest libgee.

Ah, so it logically follows that "d.values" will work too ...yes it does.

I'll be glad when they get close to vala 1.0 and freeze things like this.

Posted on 27 Oct 2009, 8:25 by BarryK
Genie bugs resolved
Both bugs have been resolved, and I have closed them at the bugzilla.

Posted on 27 Oct 2009, 11:22 by Jota
Is it??
Barry, I really don't think your answer to "clarf" makes good sense!!

(Somehow, maybe is just my impression, but lately you seem a little too hard and bitter??)

Posted on 27 Oct 2009, 22:19 by clarf
Hi Barry,

I know you are a busy man, I should search for my self first before ask you (at least you reply). My intention is not to bother you with small problems, I want to collaborate, learn and also make Puppy better. Excuse me if I was inopportune...

Well I donīt know if you tried it but, the /usr/sbin/ file doesnīt work, when I try to run it I get: Duplicate extension (pl) found in CGIhandler /usr/bin/perl.

Reading the script, it seems to call a binary call "wigwam", if I run wigwam I get the same error.

Iīll search in google and look at the error, Maybe itīs a stupid error that you can fix easily or maybe I making something wrong or stupid, I only want to report it to you.

Thank you for you attention pleased Barry,

Posted on 27 Oct 2009, 23:14 by clarf fixed
Hi Barry,

I could manage to use and get ride off the duplicated extension error.

Iīll write it just for the record, I modified line 23 from /etc/hiawatha.conf, removing the pl extension (leaving only: CGIextension=bin). Surely I removed some "Puppy" functionality and surely you knew it, but now I can start and restart hiawatha using (as far as I see its running just fine, I didnīt broke anything that I normally use).

Thank you again,

Posted on 28 Oct 2009, 7:33 by BarryK
The personal blog, PPLOG, needs that .pl extension. The .bin is needed by QUISP.

It was the Hiawatha developer himself who advised me to put both with comma delimiter:

CGIextension = pl,bin

My scripts /usr/sbin/pplog_gui and quisp_shell only call when they want to stop the server.

...just tested it, yep works.

Ah, " start" does give an error. It is actually the line "wigwam -q". Yeah, ok, I will get onto the developer about that.

Actually, my previous rather terse reply to you was mostly concern that you had gone to the Hiawatha developer with a problem that you could easily have dealt with. The Hiawatha developer has a reputation for quite caustic replies. He would likely have the view that he just says it like it is, doesn't pull any punches.

Hmmm, his 'wigwam' is faulty, it contradicts the advise he personally gave me. I'll let him know pronto.

You could just take the "wigam -q" line out of

Posted on 3 Nov 2009, 9:11 by clarf
Hi Barry,

I did a second test to the personal blog PPLOG, after changed /etc/hiawatha.conf in line 23 to fix the " start" error.

PPLOG seems to works fine, I started it and the helcome HomePage was shown, later I created some new entries and could look at them at "Archive" link content. Also read the new Categories created....

I really think that my previous little fix does not remove any functionality (I started QUISP and seems to run fine too), the previous error pointed that the perl component was initialized twice, then itīs logical that perl apps work.

Barry, could you please look at this change. I did some basic test and everything works fine, but I just started to use PPLOG and QUISP from now.

In this case we can keep the "wigam -q" command and we could add the status command to defined here:

Thank you for the attention and waiting for an answer.


Posted on 3 Nov 2009, 16:01 by BarryK
I have had some email communication with the Hiawatha developer. He said these two lines are clashing:

CGIhandler = /usr/bin/perl:pl
CGIextension = pl,bin

He indicated that we could either remove the "pl" from the second line or remove the first line.

I have chosen to comment-out the first line, and have modified the hiawatha pet package. I'll upload it to ibiblio soon.

Posted on 27 Nov 2009, 2:13 by clarf
hiawatha pet
Hi Barry, I canīt see any new hiawatha pet in ibiblio (searched in 4 and 5 series, also Woof)are you going to upload it soon?.

Iīm asking because a new version 6.18 was released. Then it could be good to compile the new version, adding the changes to hiawatha.conf and updating script as we discussed before.

Thank you for the attention pleased Barry.

Posted on 11 Dec 2009, 9:14 by technosaurus
genie in geany
3 days ago Nick Treleaven added custom filetype genie into the SVN/GIT tree of Geany

Posted on 11 Dec 2009, 10:48 by BarryK
Re: Genie
That is very interesting!