Test post, barryk.org

This blog has a new URL, barryk.org/blog. First test post.

Actually, I copied the blog, and the old one at puppylinux.com/blog is still running. Next step is to figure out how to do some URL-rewriting to redirect to the new blog.

Posted on 2 Nov 2009, 21:50


Posted on 2 Nov 2009, 22:34 by BarryK
No, not URL-rewriting, it needs a URL-redirect.
I put this into .htaccess in the root directory:

Redirect puppylinux.com/blog http://barryk.org/blog

...yep, seems to work!

The new URL has an ultra-simple page:


Posted on 2 Nov 2009, 22:38 by BarryK
Not working yet
I celebrated too soon. A full URL like this does not redirect:


Posted on 2 Nov 2009, 22:54 by BarryK
Redirect now works
Seems to be, anyway. I put a .htaccess inside the old 'blog' directory (and removed the previous one):

Redirect /blog http://barryk.org/blog

Posted on 2 Nov 2009, 23:43 by Terryphi
RSS feed
My RSS feed reader in Opera has downloaded the same 1075 posts more than once. I'm investigating my end.

Posted on 2 Nov 2009, 23:51 by Terryphi
RSS feed
My problem was just a quirk of Opera's mail database system. Sorted now.

Posted on 2 Nov 2009, 24:52 by PathFinder_Cate
Your new blog site does not have a Puppy favicon.ico yet. Hopefully he or she will make an appearance soon.

Posted on 3 Nov 2009, 4:39 by puppymike
631 items in my RSS feed
I now have 631 items in my RSS feed ging back to the year dit!

No problem just thought you should know.

Rgds Mike

Posted on 3 Nov 2009, 6:48 by BarryK
I also registered "bkhome.org" -- haven't decided which one is best yet. Yesterday, "barryk.org" seemed best, today the opposite. I think the more impersonal domain name is better.

Note, it's incredible what is already taken. barryk.com, barryk.net are taken, as are bkhome.com and bkhome.net.

Posted on 3 Nov 2009, 8:45 by Raffy
Am sure the barrykauler domains are all available. Don't hesitate about being too personal, as it's a personal domain. :) For example, BK = Burger King (to many people).

Wish you all the best!

Posted on 3 Nov 2009, 8:57 by Raffy
Full, permanent redirect in htaccess:
Options +FollowSymLinks

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule (.*) http://www.newdomain.com/$1 [R=301,L]

(those are only 3 lines)