Puppy 4.4 links

As it was asked about recently, here are the forum links that I know of, where Puppy 4.4 (CE) is being planned/developed:

Puppy 4.4 CE - Phase 1: pet tests

What shall I work on first for the next CE release?

Puppy 4.4CE

Posted on 8 Nov 2009, 8:20


Posted on 8 Nov 2009, 10:43 by Raffy
T2 binaries
Is it correct to say that the T2 binaries will make it easy to build the next Puppy version?

Posted on 8 Nov 2009, 11:23 by BarryK
Re: T2 binaries
They don't really have any significance at this stage. I'm just experimenting building from T2.