Barking dog wanted

Has anyone seen a picture of a barking dog online, that I could use for the Woof logo?

I'm currently using this, as a temporary placeholder:

I got that off the Internet somewhere and it may have license restrictions, like for personal use only.

Ideally I would like a circular logo, to match other logos on my website (and the Puppy logo).

I'm still experimenting with the Fossil version control system. The more I learn, the more I like it. My experimental setup has moved slightly:

...I'm going to start experimenting with putting some files into it, and generally play around. If my confidence reaches a certain level, then I'll "go for it" (Fossil as the official Woof version control, wiki and bug tracking system).

Posted on 12 Nov 2009, 23:24


Posted on 13 Nov 2009, 8:03 by BarryK
Barking dog found
I found two:

That second one looks nice, but I can only find it in one place on the Internet and no copyright information. It looks like something that would have a license.

Should I just use it? Yeah, if someone contacts me in the future and tells me hey you can't use that!, then I'll just change it.

Posted on 13 Nov 2009, 8:10 by BarryK
Barking dog
Here's one that's on a public-domain clipart site:

Posted on 13 Nov 2009, 9:41 by BarryK
Fossil logo
I have put one of the new images here:

...looks ok.

Enough messing around. I want to get back onto the nitty gritty of getting up to speed with using Fossil.

Posted on 13 Nov 2009, 11:04 by Sertse
Dogs and Dog signs
Heh interesting, the last one you posted is the one used on my "Beware of Dog" sign

What a coincidence :)

Posted on 13 Nov 2009, 21:18 by afgs

Posted on 13 Nov 2009, 23:54 by password
Ultimte desecration



are the images to mess with :)

Posted on 14 Nov 2009, 6:43 by BarryK
Very interesting!

Posted on 14 Nov 2009, 17:37 by pdoggy
bad dog

Posted on 15 Nov 2009, 5:38 by bigdog
Woof Image
What about this one to show Woof and all the puppies it can produce?

Posted on 16 Nov 2009, 22:40 by Kanolesic
Going with your circuler theme
There's no need for much alteration to an already wonderful image.

[img source="][/img]

Posted on 16 Nov 2009, 22:45 by kanolesic
Here's the img I ment to post.

[img source=""][/img]

Posted on 17 Nov 2009, 8:04 by BarryK

...type in the url, then you highlight the url, then click the 'url' button above.

Posted on 17 Nov 2009, 8:09 by BarryK
No image
Ah, no image. Probably your server is configured to block remote display of images. Need a link to your url: