Bug trackers!

I have activated the bug tracker for Woof, and posted a test-ticket:


To view my ticket, to create a new ticket (bug report) and to append comments to existing tickets, you have to be logged in as 'anonymous'.

The requirement to login is partly a security measure and partly to prevent spambots from placing extra drain on the server.

To avoid confusion, I think it best if only users of Woof report bugs to my ticketing system. That is, guys using Woof to build a distro, for example ttuuxx, gposil and kirk.

For all Puppy Linux bugs, technosaurus has setup this bug tracker:


However, regardless of what version of Puppy you are using, if you know there is a problem in a particular script that is in Woof, and you have looked at the Fossil version control system for Woof:
and seen that the latest script has the same problem as the script that you are using, then certainly report the bug to my Woof bug tracker.

...or even fix it and send me a patch!


Posted on 19 Nov 2009, 3:23


Posted on 21 Nov 2009, 7:47 by BarryK
Fossil shelved
See here: